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  1. Evert

    Front Bucket Seat Latch

    Rick, Thanks for the offer. Believe it or not, I did find some seat backs at a local salvage yard here. So some time over winter I will begin the process of removing the latches and attaching to my seat frames.
  2. Evert

    Front Bucket Seat Latch

    So, the other day I did some more studying of my seats. I determined that the latch actually sheared at the area it latches to the seat bottom. Very strange that both sides broke the same way. Must have been caused by handling of the seats. Just a guess on my part. That latch is mounted on a...
  3. Evert

    Front Bucket Seat Latch

    Awesome. We have a swap meet going on at the end of month. Going to cross my fingers, but not feeling lucky. Will appreciate you doing the template or any other member that is preparing their seats for restoration
  4. Evert

    1970-81 Camaro parts !

    Looking for the latches for bucket seats, but pass and driver. Do you by chance have those stashed away?? Note: there is a post in interior restorations showing the part I am looking for
  5. Evert

    Front Bucket Seat Latch

    Thanks so much. Yup, that black latch is the part I am missing on both seats. Wondering if anyone has pair to sell, or if someone has them removed, could they sketch them and provide that sketch along with a scale so I could print out and make a template. Would also need the thickness. I am...
  6. Evert

    Front Bucket Seat Latch

    Starting to work the front bucket seats for my 1980 Z28. I have posted what I think are "silly questions" as I put this car back together as I purchased it many years ago as a "box of parts" Does anyone have a picture of how the seat backs latch. I think I am missing the latch for both seats...
  7. Evert

    Power window wire route

    Unless I really screwed up on how I routed the power window harness to the door motors, there is no way it is long enough to route along the door. I am guessing there is a difference between the 78 and the 80. As to the manuals, I agree. I see nothing in the service manual, assembly manual or...
  8. Evert

    Power window wire route

    Getting ready to lay down the carpet in my 1980 Z28. Does the power window harness just route under the console, or does it also route under the carpet and then through the opening around the shifter and to the console. Thanks
  9. Evert

    Front to Rear Harness Routing

    Turns out getting the e-brake removed was the easy part. There were 2 or 3 of the screws that held the kick panel in place that were behind the-brake. The PITA was getting the panel removed. In the 80 there is a cable that connects to one of the air vents. To get that cable disconnected you need...
  10. Evert

    Front to Rear Harness Routing

    Perfect. Thanks a bunch, excatly what I was looking for but not hoping for. Looks like it routes behind the kick panel which I already have installed. I am going to hope that I do not need to remove the emergency brake to completely remove the kick panle to route the cable. Good news is that I...
  11. Evert

    Front to Rear Harness Routing

    Ah crap. I guess that would be helpful. It is a 1980 Z28.
  12. Evert

    Front to Rear Harness Routing

    Does anyone happen to have any photos of the rear harness routing. This plugs into the bulkhead connector at the fuse block, It then is routed somewhere from there to the door sill area and then into the trunk. Appreciate any pics as it was already disassembled and in a box when I bought the...
  13. Evert

    Wiper switch green wire

    The pink/black wire could be for the volt guage. The green wire goes from the back of the switch to the wiper motor. The best I can tell is that it was one long wire that is part of the switch itself. When I bought my 80 Z28 it was already taken apart. So this is the best I could figure out...
  14. Evert

    1980 T-Top Headliner Retainer Clips

    Thanks guys. This is exactly what I was looking for. The car was disassembled when I purchased and the original owner did not document the process well. The service manual made it look like it was holding the headliner in place. But ther was no way I was going to get the headliner and the roof...
  15. Evert

    1980 T-Top Headliner Retainer Clips

    Hoping someone can help. What is the correct orientation of the hedliner clips. There are 8 of these (4 per side). I think 2 go along center and one each front and back. Does the flat edge clip the headliner to the roof (the left side of the pic)? Also. approximately where are they located. Thanks
  16. Evert

    1980 TH350 Kickdown cable

    Iam about to disconnect the kickdown cable to tranni so I can check things out on that end. I do have another question. I swear that when I pulled the tranni out to have it rebuilt, there was a bushing, just like the bushing used for the dip stick tube, where the kickdown cable mounted to the...
  17. Evert

    My Exterior Door Handle Fix

    RickM, I was wondering how this fix has held up. I have the exact same issue and just posted teh question on possible fix
  18. Evert

    Exterior Door Handle Rod

    I have replaced the door skin and exterior door handles on my 1980 Z28. The issue I have is that I cannot open the door with the exterior door handle. I need to pull up pretty hard on the handle and sometimes it will open. Opens just fine using internal handle. I put the old handles back on and...
  19. Evert

    B-Pillar Trim

    I ordered repo parts from Classic Industries. They were shorter then my originals. I think non-ttop cars had shorter pieces to meet up with the drip rails. Has anyone installed the reproduction parts on a t-top car? They want $300+ to rechrome. Thanks for any pics of what it looks like
  20. Evert

    A Pillar Question

    This is a 1980 t-top Z28. This foam is actually between the weatherstrip retainer and the weatherstrip. It seemed strange and that is why I thought I'd ask. Easy enough to new foam in, but have not seen anything in any manuals or on line videos that show this. Thanks for any responses

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