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    Custom Rear Upholstery DSE Tub

    I mini tubbed a 73 Firebird. I cut down the stock rear seat springs to fit between the rear wheel wells. Then had them redone at local shop to match the front seats.
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    Engine swap mounts - adapter plates or new mounts?

    Sorry I misspoke. The 73 had a TKO 600. My current 80 Camaro has a LS3/4L60E combo. It gets a bit tight on the right hand side where the trans cooler lines come out of the trans. I did have to dimple the floor a bit to clear the ox sensors. On the 73 I used Hotckis coil overs in the front...
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    heater core?

    Run your finger across the inside of the wind shield and then taste it If it's sweet tasting your heater core is toast if you are running antifrizze.
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    Things you Hate to see at Car Shows

    I've only seen it once at a local car show. There was a local tv presenter that had just bought a very nicely done 32 Ford coupe to the show. He put a plastic stanchions with plastic chains all around his car so no one would get too close.
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    Engine swap mounts - adapter plates or new mounts?

    I've used the ICT adapters a few times and they work well. Then I use the the stock Camaro engine mounts and the stock frame mounts. I modded my stock trans cross member to fit the 4L60E. Couple pics of the 73 I did a number of years ago. 2010 truck 6.2 dressed as a LS3. 4l60E trans.
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    10 bolt 8.5" 28 spline to 30 spline

    I use a Detroit Tru Trac with 30 splines. Then use 30 spline Moser axles. Has worked well for me.
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    Things you Hate to see at Car Shows

    One of my current hot rods is a 98 Wrangler that I swapped in a LS6/4L60E combo. Has been a great swap for over 15 years. I do take it to car shows once and awhile. You can not believe the number of guys that come up and say cool swap but you should of swapped in late model hemi.
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    Stainless Fuel Lines A&N Compression Fittings

    I have the Eastwood turret style flaring tool. I haven't used it on stainless but it works well on steel lines. Instead of stainless have you considered Nicopp brake line. It flares like butter. Also easy to bend.
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    Things you Hate to see at Car Shows

    I've built a couple of hot rods with manuals. One was with a TKO 600 and the other was with a T56 magnum. Both worked well. The T56 shifted a bit nicer than the TKO IMO. Both hot rods came with manuals from the factory. The last couple of LS swaps I've used 4l60E's built by a local trans guy...
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    Things you Hate to see at Car Shows

    I'm an LS fan so my hot rods have LS swaps. You can't believe the number of guys that walk up and say nice car but I would have put in a SB or BB. I like autos and then they say they would put a stick in the car. Then I ask them what they have for a hot rod and they say oh I don't have one. My...
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    Stainless Fuel Lines A&N Compression Fittings

    I would try a local hydraulic shop if you have one. We have one about 15 miles from us and they will 37 degree or double flare stainless. But at the end of the day it may be much easier to run -6 SS braided lines. Either rubber lined or teflon lined.
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    Where to buy LS3 & associated parts?

    I didn't do anything to the header. My car is a 80 if that makes any difference. I don't recall dimpling the floor for clearance. I used generic LS engine mounts.
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    Where to buy LS3 & associated parts?

    I used Speed Engineering SS long tube headers. 1 3/4". They fit well and don't hang down below the subframe. I know they are made in China but I can't afford $1200 for headers. Just a tip to protect your spark plug wire boot from the header tubes. I go to the salvage yard and get a set of the...
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    80 Camaro paint type

    My 80 Camaro has all original paint which is in really good shape. This winter I would like to buff it out to get a bit more shine out of it. What type of paint was used in 1980 and any suggestions on compounds and such?
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    Fishing in MN on the big lakes up north.

    So this week my wife and I spent 3 days fishing "up north" with my sister and her husband. They have a house up on Kabetogama. They are serious fishing people. New this year is their fishing pontoon. I think its a 20 foot long triple pontoon with a 350 hp out board. It cruises at 50 mph. Fun to...
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    Need help

    A number of years ago prior to TKX I used a TKO 600 in my 73 LS3 combo. My tunnel was so hacked by previous owners but I didn't need to bash the tunnel but just patch it. LOL. I had to make an offset bracket to get the shifter to come up in the right place. I bought a used shifter handle at a...
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    wiring interface

    I should of said I get the DBW pedal from the ECM/harness supplier (BP) also. Or if they don't stock one get a GM part number part number for the pedal that matches the BP harness. Just a note on the BP engine harness. I believe their base wire covering is the plastic convulted? wire covering...
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    wiring interface

    Auto wire gets good reviews as does Painless. I've used the universal kit but I would check into either to see if they have a plug and play harness for your car. FI wise on my LS swaps I've always used OEM ECM's for my projects. The main reason is you can get replacement parts almost anywhere...
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    Auto Meter air fuel ratio gauge

    For sale Auto Meter 2 1/16" air fuel ratio gauge. New never installed. Part # 3379. Purchased last winter from Summit. $175 shipped in CONUS. I don't do pay pal so personal check or USPS money order. PM me with any questions.
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    Stalled Project

    My 80 Camaro project stalled a bit mostly because I had to wait so long to get it tuned. Tuners in the area are still 4 months out. But I lucked out about a month ago when a tuner I used in the past was in the area on vacation. He did a drive tune on the LS3/4L60E. Runs and shifts great.

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