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  1. Mark Van Kleeck

    efi standalone wiring

    Found what i was looking for
  2. Mark Van Kleeck

    efi standalone wiring

    hey guys looking for some help, i have a gen 6 454 i pulled from a 99 burban, i was going to do carb swap but i am thinking of keeping the efi, yet all i am finding is stuff for ls swap and the older tbi, i would like to do a standalone system using the computer and wiring from the suburban, to...
  3. Mark Van Kleeck

    alternator wiring issues

    hey guys, bought this 81 and the guy I bought it from hacked the wiring and has everything rigged, I am planning on getting a painless at some point, 1500 for the set so it will be awhile, so in the mean time I just want to be able to drive it, however I am not clear on alternator, the 10 gauge...
  4. 20181219_164707


    just bought this 81, previous owner has it set up for drag. It is in great condition despite, it needs attention in interior and wiring, im happy with it though
  5. 20181219_164657


    front view
  6. 20181219_164741


    rear view

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