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  1. MichJim72

    Custom Automotive Upholstery In SE Michigan?

    On the East side there is Shelby Trim on Mound Road near the Ford Sterling Axle Plant. Never used them but heard they do good work.
  2. MichJim72

    Chevy Avalanche - experience?

    I owned an 03' Z71 package. The deep blue color and the first year without the cladding. It was pretty much loaded and I bought new off the lot. Sticker was 40K but with rebates and the GM discount ended unjust over 35k all in. Drove it for 3 years to 45K miles with absolutely no issues...
  3. MichJim72

    NHL in China

    China has been cultivating interest in all of the 4 major North American sports. NBA is big in Shanghai. I'm kinda surprised by the NHL but with over a billion people that's too big an audience to ignore.
  4. MichJim72

    Woodward Dream Cruise

    Any Michigan members cruising Woodward this week? My Z is long gone but tonight I'll be taking out either a 57 Chevy Convertible or an 89 TTA Pace Car (weather depending) to get some miles in before the crazy crowds on Saturday.
  5. MichJim72

    Why are there so many players and clowns out there?

    Thanks for the feedback. Just to clarify I proposed an even trade in my note to him, nothing about cash and the car. I did my research and looked up the values of both cars. They match up pretty well. I was more insulted because the way his ad was written it looks like he was open to trades...
  6. MichJim72

    Why are there so many players and clowns out there?

    Well this happened today, I was browsing Hemmings for people interested in trades and found a 64 Vette convert with a small block 327/300hp 4 speed car. Really nice shape red with white top and the matching red hardtop. It says in the ad he's a collector and tired of the car and would be...
  7. MichJim72

    Tesla Manufacturing Problems Similar article as above.
  8. MichJim72

    Tesla Manufacturing Problems

    It takes a helluva lot to run a high volume assembly plant. Even 30/jph is hard much less 55-60/jph like Nummi used to hit. This is where Musk is totally unprepared. But like others say he will BS his way through this and the sheeple will follow. I'm just waiting to see the demand for...
  9. MichJim72

    Did anyone on here buy my car?

    Ok, I know this is a long shot since I've been away from this site for quite awhile but I'm checking to see if anyone on here knows who may have purchased my car. I sold it in March 2014 after I moved to China for a work assignment. Was sold through Classic Auto Showplace in Troy, Michigan...
  10. MichJim72

    Time for someone else to enjoy

    Car is up for sale in the swap meet section. Asking $16,500 or Best Offer. Somehow the date listing showed up as December 13, 1901???? so it is listed on the last page along with some others like that.
  11. MichJim72

    Fuel Connector to tank leak

    All hoses replaced. Most of them had dry rotted through! I'm guessing they were original by their condition.
  12. MichJim72

    Fuel Connector to tank leak

    Thanks for the replys. Turns out it was only the vapor lines. Most of the rubber connectors had dry rotted. No fuel came out at all and I traced them back up to connectors at the top of the tank. There were rubber connectors up there to the top of the tank that had dry rotted too. Guess the...
  13. MichJim72

    Fuel Connector to tank leak

    Thanks for the reply. Sounds fairly easy but potentially a little messy. Weekend project.
  14. MichJim72

    Fuel Connector to tank leak

    I noticed yesterday that I have a small leak on both sides of of my fuel tank. It appears only when the engine is running. I looked underneath and noticed that both connectors look like they are shot. Here are a couple pics of where the rubber hose connects at the fuel tank end. My...
  15. MichJim72

    Time for someone else to enjoy

    Well after much thought and internal struggle I think I'm going to sell my Camaro. I've taken a position in China that will have me moving near the end of this year and spending 3-5 years In Shanghai. Even though the company will pay for storage I really can't seem to justify letting it sit...
  16. MichJim72

    1971 camaro scam on eBay

    Anyone who lists the engine as a 5.7 liter shoots a red flag right there. I know technically its correct but c'mon we all know it as a SBC or a 350.
  17. MichJim72

    Shave for an interview or no?

    Go with AXE, it could be a chick interviewing you! :cool:
  18. MichJim72

    What's your favorite unique original part of your car?

    I've always loved the C on the front emblem.
  19. MichJim72

    New Vette at the Supermarket tonight

    That was the biggest surprise to me too. I saw 3 on I94 last week and all had M plates.
  20. MichJim72

    New Vette at the Supermarket tonight

    It was camera angle. There was a good 12 inches between the two. Plus I should have gotten a shot of the interior. It looked really sweet!

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