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  1. Mountaineer

    Which fluid for TH350?

    Purchased a TH350 for a project, its been sitting empty since a rebuild some 10-12 years ago. Kinda scouted around (Advance, Auto Zone, Walmart) for what I believe went in these trannys some years ago, Dexron III I believe, and nothing positive, just a counter guy who says "that stuff will...
  2. Mountaineer

    Older to newer backing plate switch

    I picked up a 70 rear end and would like to switch the backing plates to the newer ones that have the brake adjusting holes in the rear. Is this possible? Anyone done this?
  3. Mountaineer

    Looking for rearend

    Looking for 2.73-3.08 rearend, posi not required. Northern WV/Pittsburgh/eastern Ohio area.
  4. Mountaineer

    Autometer In-Dash 3992 Speedo

    New Autometer in-dash 3 1/2" dia. speedometer, Part no. 3992, used for mock-up but never used. $90 shipped.
  5. Mountaineer

    Autometer gauges

    Everything EXCEPT speedo sold to Goat.
  6. Mountaineer

    Autometer gauges

    New tach #3991, 3 3/8" dia., mounted in a panel but never used. $85 + shipping. Fuel gauge #3314, mounted but not used, $40 + shipping, Speedometer #3992, 3 3/8" dia., again mounted but never used, $80 + shipping, Voltmeter #3391, mounted but never used, $40 + shipping.
  7. Mountaineer

    Hedman shorty headers

    Nice set of Hedman shorty headers, part # 68600, used half of one summer and in great condition. They come with collectors (sorry not pictured) . $80 + shipping.
  8. Mountaineer

    78-81 Front spoiler and rear flares

    Sold. I would delete this thread if I could.
  9. Mountaineer

    Interior parts worth ?

    The tough part of selling parts is shipping, people don't mind buying parts, but shipping costs (plus finding boxes to fit the parts) can be a deal-killer. And Ebay and Paypal, they take 15-17% of the total, including shipping costs.
  10. Mountaineer

    Jl HO110-W6v3 subwoofer fits like a dream

    That color looks good on just about anything.
  11. Mountaineer

    Seat track lot

    Seat tracks sold to CamaroDoc. Thanks.
  12. Mountaineer

    Seat track lot

    Sale is still pending. I'll post if these are available again. Thanks.
  13. Mountaineer

    Seat track lot

    actually not bad at all, $18.50. Call it $65 total.
  14. Mountaineer

    Seat track lot

    TTT Best offer
  15. Mountaineer

    78-81 Front spoiler and rear flares

    Shipping to Lakeland Fl will be $55. I do take Paypal. What would you like in your PM?
  16. Mountaineer

    78-81 Front spoiler and rear flares

    This original urethane set was a spare for my '81, but the car is gone and these should be also. The front center section has been repaired in the middle with fiberglass mat (find me one that hasn't) and is very solid, the rest is of this section is good and original. The ends are in excellent...
  17. Mountaineer

    Seat track lot

    For sale a few seat tracks, all have been sandblasted and work good and would fit an '81. Look at pics, they are marked for locations. Won't separate, all for $50 plus shipping from 26003.
  18. Mountaineer

    Something is seriously f@#%-ed up in our society

    I'd like to know how many of these shooters (of any age) are taking or have been prescribed "mood altering" drugs.
  19. Mountaineer

    Rearview camera for my Silverado

    I've got a 2010 Silverado and I'd like to add a backup camera. Has anyone done this to their older truck? No doubt aftermarket, what can you suggest?

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