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    Citrus green 1970 z28 restoration thread

    Keep up the great work Ross.
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    Bought a 77 Z

    Oh I've been around.Not much new on my end,just work and raising grandkids.
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    Bought a 77 Z

    Nice car,looks to be very solid body.That in itself is a big big plus.
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    1972 Z-28 question...

    Mine is a 71,I've wondered too about how many cars had (--). paint codes.
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    Attaching trunk drop off to trunk floor - panel bond?

    Use panel bond alot,I think it is a lot cleaner,less chance of corrosion down the road,and very strong to boot.The very best way to install drop offs.
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    Citrus green 1970 z28 restoration thread

    Awesome job you are doing Ross,keep up the great work.That camaro is lucky you found and rescued her.
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    70 Z28 RS - Complete Restoration

    What an intense build,I enjoy following,great job.
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    project 71 siknss

    Really is a nice build,really.
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    project 71 siknss

    Great car,wonder where it is now?
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    project 71 siknss

    Nice wheels.
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    Anyone have any info on this RS cover car?

    It was a project on here project71siknss back in 2012,look it up good pics on pages16-17. It was Ed Nash.
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    project 71 siknss

    Quiet a nice camaro.
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    Anyone have any info on this RS cover car?

    Is that the same guy that did a hugger orange build on here 4-5 years ago?
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    The HYBRID BUILD HAS STARTED, or has it not?? Lets take a VOTE!!!!

    Pasa get down dena needs a bad ass restomod 2nd gen. roaming the streets,good luck on the build.
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    I caught Bernie at my car

    That's a good one,two thumbs up!!
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    Off Car Door Rack

    We use the same rack,have several of them.They do come in handy.

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