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  1. tomsti

    Second Gen Stock Hood Clearance

    Funny as I was going through the links I had, I started to end up back on this site. Full circle :) Dont want to confuse you or myself as you are already have a BBC installed and are just in a bind until your hood comes in. Messing with different combinations of motor mounts may not pay any...
  2. tomsti

    Second Gen Stock Hood Clearance

    ZR, I'm researching putting in a BBC 9.8 deck into my 72. The mounts you used are they the lowest? I have been trying to figure out motor mounts, hear all sorts of things. I think the BBC mounts that move the engine slightly to the passenger side are what's needed and from reading may be the...
  3. tomsti

    OE Windshield and Rear Window Trim

    Is it used trim? The center section cost 60? Thanks for the tip.
  4. tomsti

    Boosted methanol engine failure

    Z, Are the supercharged engines carbed or injection? Seems like this failure was an injector with meth, I suppose running a carb would take some amount of risk out of this specific problem. Not sure of carb meth applications, way out of my league.
  5. tomsti

    Boosted methanol engine failure

    I like Steve tech
  6. tomsti

    Rear suspension upgrade\spring rates

    Thanks, looks like a couple tests are in order. :) Any idea how to get a baseline of what stock spring height would be? Meaning if I have worn out springs I can confirm if they are bad through the test above. Do OEM springs sag or do they just lose their rigidity and stay OEM height?
  7. tomsti

    Rear suspension upgrade\spring rates

    Interesting discussion, lots of options. Couple of questions, from a leaf spring guy: How do you know your leaf springs are warn out in the first place? I'd assume mine are only because they are original but dont have a great way to tell. I guess the way I was thinking was to measure sag from...
  8. tomsti

    Rear shock relocation kit

    Did you install? What are the differences between stock and this setup? Trying to figure out what difference this set up makes? Pics would be awesome if you have.
  9. tomsti

    Head lights burned out at 6500 rpm shift

    Was that a race Gen for the higher voltage systems?
  10. tomsti

    2021 Midwest Drag Week

    I've been watching Bailey, Cleetus and KSR youtube vids on this, wish I could be there.
  11. tomsti

    Walking on metal roof

    The company that installed didn't leave any anchor points on roof? Pretty common practice to have a couple, call them and find out. At least then you can tie off.
  12. tomsti

    The last paint question I’ll ever ask

    That looks nice! How did you clean the garage for no dust?
  13. tomsti

    Metal Factory

    At 1:31 im thinking no fing way that is OSHA approved.
  14. tomsti

    The last paint question I’ll ever ask

    Show pic after clear and garage painting experience. My car is in primer now, need to fix a couple of areas then may try paint.
  15. tomsti

    time to put out patio stuff

    Yeah with a couple of heater torches, gettin there
  16. tomsti

    Speedometer cable bounce part 2....what I have learned. 79Z

    You can drive down the road with the speedo cable in your hand to see if its spinning. If the cop pulls you over you may have a good story.
  17. tomsti

    Which Headers for SBC Camaro 72

    Now start a thread on that 434 :)
  18. tomsti

    Electric Fuel Pump and Oil Pressure Switch Wiring

    Problem solved, wiring was fine, it was a bad pressure switch. Wired in a Holley switch and everything worked as expected. Vrooooom.
  19. tomsti

    Electric Fuel Pump and Oil Pressure Switch Wiring

    Thanks, been out of internet reach for a bit. I would like to have this added as a safety feature. I have 2 boys who want to drive the car. If something happened because I took a shortcut well..... Anyway. I guess Ill keep figuring it out.

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