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  1. procharged81

    adapter fitting for power steering.

    Correct 81 with metric threads and o-rings
  2. procharged81

    Tabs broke off of Lifter Retaining Tray

    Agreed! I use these myself
  3. procharged81

    1980 z28 firewall bulkhead connector

    Does this help?
  4. procharged81

    1981 Camaro Z28 / Backfire, loss power, no start

    If your timing is advanced 112 degrees, you have a SERIOUS problem and you should find a new mechanic….
  5. procharged81

    1979 Camaro rear bumper cover

    Some cleaning up of the rough edges of glass and you will be 80% there. Are they straight enough to be show quality paint ready? No…, but heavy gel coat and thick glass. I have all OEM metal and everything lined up perfectly. Rough up the gel coat with 120, thin layer of filler like any...
  6. procharged81

    Electric fans running all the time

    I personally don’t use Teflon tape, but the liquid 3M or LocTite brand thread sealer has always worked for me and my sending units work fine. The threads will still cut through and ground, and the liquid will fill the gaps Or you can leave it dry, run it home as tight as you can get it, and...
  7. procharged81

    1979 Camaro rear bumper cover

    Stinger Fiberglass Kiss all the urethane warping goodbye
  8. procharged81

    Rear bumper alignment

    The pictures are hard to decipher, but I think I see what you mean. I’m in the process of taking mine apart for paint. Here are pictures of my gaps and how they are set. However, I don’t have those crappy rubber bumpers, mine are fiberglass so I was able to glass them and make them fit better...
  9. procharged81

    YD-LUZ - saying hi, it has been too long

    I’m into that blue paint.
  10. procharged81

    400 turbo with a gear vendor OD

    My buddy has one in his 57 Chevy. Turbo 400, SBC with ProCharger. Making about 700hp, loves it. Think he is running a 3.90 gear. Runs 9.80’s on the track, then cruises down the highway. We do drag/drive events together and he loves it for that. The guys I know of that have had issues leave...
  11. procharged81

    Jasper or S&J engines

    Back when I started turning wrenches, the shop I worked for was a Jasper installer. I probably installed about 20-24 engines…Chevy and ford. Only ever had an issue with one Chevy engine and they covered 100% of it. They sold an install kit at the time…think it was $199 at the time. Plugs, wires...
  12. procharged81

    Another Project need Help!

    No, these are dark blue and seal kit is for non-t top car.
  13. procharged81

    Power limit on a 350

    I don’t care what you do with your engine either or what happens. I was just replying to your first post. You were asking when it gives up? At what RPM? At what horsepower? Have at it. Throw 3 kits of spray on it as well as 30lbs of boost. Doesn’t matter to me. Then you’ll know first hand...
  14. procharged81

    Power limit on a 350

    Well, when the block splits from the webbing giving out, the oil makes one hell of a mess. Witness it once and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Not pretty….and the block I saw, the rods and crank were still intact….
  15. procharged81

    Power limit on a 350

    It wasn’t the internals I was afraid of, it was the block puking everything out, me driving through the oil, and putting it in the wall 🤷‍♂️
  16. procharged81

    Another Project need Help!

    I have a weatherstrip kit for entire car which includes the door felts you are looking for. I also have a set of blue seat belts (not sure if front and back or just front), have used headlight and parking light bezels (chrome non OEM) in good shape. Also have a 81 front upper grill if you need that.
  17. procharged81

    Power limit on a 350

    I had a 355, 74 4bolt main studded, Callie’s crank and Crower rods, forged pistons, and Brodix heads. 12 PSI of boost but only ran it to 6500, not 10K like you want to, made 652HP at the wheels. I was told by many people that I was on borrowed time, and wasn’t “if” it was gonna blow, but...
  18. procharged81

    Camaro/SBC parts

    Lines for the valve cover breathers
  19. procharged81

    Camaro/SBC parts

    Hey guys A friend is closing down his shop and has some Camaro parts and SBC parts for sale. Here is what he has available 67-69 Camaro CPP drop spindles (2”) and 68-74 Nova. Pt#6874-12…$400 SBC aluminum fabbed valve covers, powder coated black, billet breathers, and SS AN lines for...
  20. procharged81

    Contacting someone at FBodywarehouse

    Your CC company won’t even ask questions anymore. I just call, put in dispute….case closed

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