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    Panel gaps

    1/8 inch (3mm) is/was industry standard..however it was not a strict standard, and more likely a bit wider on production cars. i'd say shoot for 1/8th inch gaps if possible, keep them even. and test fit everything before welding.
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    Best primer?

    first thing is you can't put epoxy primer over etching primer. it will peel off in a short time. PPG DP series are what the others copy, and probably the best. PPG also has a high build primer that is awesome its called 2050, and if you let it set for a couple weeks it turns green on the...
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    Gulstrand suspension parts

    I picked up a pair of big block springs, supposed to be Guldstrand, what kind of drop do they have? I have 2 inch drop leafs for the rear
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    WTB OE Trunk Rods

    I have a pair, PM if still looking
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    Quadrajet e4me part

    thanks guys. Keith, it wasn't the accelerator plunger actuator, which does look similar, Ron was correct it was the plug he described. but if this rebuild doesn't work out I may just take you up on the offer. basically I did a tear down and cleaning without changing any settings, I discovered...
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    '73 with TH400 - won't engage in gear. STUCK IN PARK!

    Check the linkage from the steering column if its worn or loose it may be the problem.
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    Quadrajet e4me part

    I recently purchased a 1981 Corvette in need of some work. Car had been sitting for some time, so I drained the dead gas and sludge from the tank, added fresh gas, fuel filter, plugs, wires, cap, rotor and module. Got her running and the carb would blow gas straight up when hitting the...
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    WTB VBP Transverse leaf spring parts

    I have a pair of rear leafs holding the shell of my 73 up. never been on the street. putting steel springs in it this spring. PM me if interested
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    1971 for sale

    sorry for your loss... Looks like the old Goodmark project Camaro, beautiful car.
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    what would my compression be?

    I have a low mileage crate 350 short block. heads are long gone, but I have a pair of 88 corvette aluminum heads ('113 castings) which are 58 cc chambers. The block has stock dished pistons. what would I expect to get for a comp ratio? roughly. and what would be a good camshaft to use in it...
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    Painting an Aluminum Radiator

    for aluminum you should use an etching primer followed by the paint. do not use epoxy over the etch primer, it will peel off in short order. Bulldog is for plastic bumpers BTW.
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    454 longblock I just picked up looking for advice.

    lol, Great deal! I did a little better though- my "fresh 25 year old" 454 never had oil in it, but I have Hypereutectic LS6 pistons! and paid $450, also he threw in a 350 shortblock and a pair of rectangle port heads! I sold off the rectangles and that more than paid for the entire purchase...
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    WTB 8.5 10 bolt (ky)

    I have one. where are you?
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    81 Turn Signal Lever

    or you might try Fbodywarehouse
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    Outer wheelhouses OEM

    they are scared of a little surface rust I guess. maybe I should trim the outer sheetmetal and blast and epoxy prime them too.
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    Trans Am Rear End Swap

    You need the correct speedometer gear. I don't remember which one it is, but they are plastic and color coded. They are not difficult to change either.
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    Outer wheelhouses OEM

    Bump. Still have them
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    epoxy primer/ self etch?

    paint them before you undercoat. epoxy primer will seal, but etch does not. etch prime is great stuff, but like regular primer is a sponge, and will absorb water, putting undercoating over it will just trap moisture and actually cause rust. even rustoleum is fine to seal the etch. just a note -...
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    Outer wheelhouses OEM

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    floor brace/floor pan ?

    PM me your number, I will take a picture and send it to you. I have the floor section cut out with braces and rockers intact

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