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    Which Hood Scoop Fits Better

    I'm running an RPM Air Gap on my 400.With a 3" air cleaner and an essentially flat air cleaner base there's plenty of clearance to the scoop on my 81. If the PO hadn't hacked up the hood (and I mean HACKED,think he used a hatchet) with a careful choice of parts,i might have been able to use the...
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    Cocaine Bear Film Trailer

    "First you get the money,then you get the women,then you get the pic a nic basket".
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    Defaced trim tag

    If YOU'RE happy with the car,that's all that actually matters.People do some funny things wen money is involved.
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    Ordering food in your drag race car

    Want fries with that?
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    Name that car…

    There's red stepside squarebody in the background too. I've studied the hood ornament carefully and have deduced that it's a Fish car.It's unique construction was due to Mr Fish's previous work in a tuna cannery.It was also available in a convertible,or 'pull tab' model
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    1979 Camaro Emergency Brake Question

    Someone with more experience will probably chime in,but I think that's the way it is.I replaced all my cables on my 81 and they lay just like that.
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    Defaced trim tag

    They send you an invoice of the options that particular car shipped with. Good morning, Thanks again for your interest in the GM Media Archive. Please see attached vehicle invoice for your 1981 Chevrolet Camaro. As noted in the previous email there are no build records archived for Chevrolet...
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    Defaced trim tag

    If you REALLY want to know,you can get a copy of the vehicle invoice.Pretty sure they'd have em for a 78,was able to get one for my 1981,and the price isn't unreasonable.Here's the email addy.Not a sponsor,just tryin to help a brother Camaro addict out... [email protected]
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    When did this Happen….

    So Canadian friends,what percentage of your taxes goes to fund your health care system?I recall a Canadian Utubber talking about but can't recall the %... Oh and btw I also recall many Canucks coming south for med care cause it wasn't available or whatever reason.That still going on?
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    Think these tires are worn out

    They've got more tread than most tires for sale on CL.
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    New Custom Works cluster

    I caught the shackle/shekel thing too but I figured "Well,it's Canada,maybe it's slang for beaver pelts or some thing".
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    Putting down furry friends doesn’t get any easier

    Yeah it sucks...but don't dwell on that part of it.Remember the good times and the joy that they brought you.I'm looking at my eleven year old 'dumoster' (literally) dog and knowing his heakth issues,just waitng. Sorry for your loss,but it looks like ya have some back up kitties.Always have a...
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    Pro Street cars

    The black C2 is beautiful.absolutely gorgeous! The black C4 on the other hand,not so much.
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    Back glass buytl tape

    Apparently I missed something here...
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    Back glass buytl tape

    Quick question.3/8 inch thick by 3/8 wide?What worked for you?
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    Now This Is A Restoration Project

    "Honey,guess what I bought!!" It's said the happiest day in a mans life is when he buys a boat/rv/motorcycle/etc. The second happiest day is when the man sells the boat/rv/motorcycle/etc. And if there is ANYTHING I learned in my 20+ years as a Merchant Mariner,it's that rust NEVER sleeps! I...
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    '70 Driver Side Headlight Plug/Connector

    If you're not worried about originality,you could go ceramic.Since it seems these connectors ALWAYS melt,I found the ceramic ones one the amazon.5 of them were less than $10 fwiw.
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    Random sayings

    My Dad used to tell me "Want in one hand and sh!t in the other,see which one gets full first".
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    Theres no better section for this cuz it is

    Nice enough Blazer I guess,but dang!I know squarebodies are smokin hot right now but $38K??
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    That's bizarre....

    I was wondering about the bacterial thing.or maybe some kind of chemical reaction. Haven't really had time to get back on it,though like I said it did start and run,and wasn't blowing water out of the radiator,so that's good.I really need to get a cooling system pressure tester,so I can have...

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