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  1. JumpMaster82d

    Need Help Lower Door Panel 1971 Camaro

    Bump, searched eBay every which way I could and haven't been able to find any of these screws, anyone have a source?
  2. JumpMaster82d

    Project Rusty Sport

    Haven't been doing the best job updating my build thread, but I've been documenting things along the way. After making my booth, I quickly realized that it was going to be insuffient to actually paint the car. Even still, it was the perfect spot to spray the DP90 and the slick sand in between...
  3. JumpMaster82d

    How to install trunk weatherseal?

    Back from the dead, however, since Photobucket went pay for play, all the pics of the correct way to install the weatherstripping are blurred beyond recognition. Can someone post a new photo for us still referencing this thread?
  4. JumpMaster82d

    Replacement studs for '80 trunk spoiler?

    Buy the 67-69 kit, they are the same except a few are too long, just chop them off and your set. That's what I did anyway.
  5. JumpMaster82d

    The '73 Up North

    Outstanding work! What Hooker exhaust did you go with? All the kits I'm seeing are $1000+.
  6. JumpMaster82d

    Project Rusty Sport

    Been a while since I've updated the thread. Been chipping away however having a 2.5 year old and a 2 month old has significantly cut into the shop time! Got all the body work done, just need to spray some epoxy over the metal/body worked spots then it'll be ready for a final coat of slicksand...
  7. JumpMaster82d

    Project Rusty Sport

    VFN Sunoco, fits well however we are going to have to cut a support piece out around the cowl for it to fit.
  8. JumpMaster82d

    Project Rusty Sport

    275/60-15 on a 15x10 with 5.5 BS. The fender lips need to be rolled but other than that it fits very well.
  9. JumpMaster82d

    Project Rusty Sport

    Steve, Going with a vintage air setup, eventually.
  10. JumpMaster82d

    Project Rusty Sport

    Been chipping away at it over the last two months. Should be ready for paint by the end of the month!
  11. JumpMaster82d

    WTB Custom works rs nose

    Why wouldn't you just get a new one from Keith at Custom Works or are you needing it immediately?
  12. JumpMaster82d

    Just did a borgeson steering gear and Jeep shaft swap

    I'm interested in doing this swap however my steering column is splined instead of a through bolt design that you have, is this a model year difference or?
  13. JumpMaster82d

    Project Rusty Sport

    Thanks for the kind words guys! The process has been slow but I've been chipping away when I get free time between the work and family. Steve, the doors were on when we welded the quarters on however we took them back off afterwards to seam seal and slick sand. Here's the car back in my shop...
  14. JumpMaster82d

    Project Rusty Sport

    All the new inner rear sheetmetal in place Quarters and tail panel on Door panel with Nova arm pads that Ricks Camaro sent... Before starting on the subframe, you can also see the smooth sheet metal that was cut out and sectioned in for the firewall Getting there (don't worry...
  15. JumpMaster82d

    Project Rusty Sport

    I got out back in 2009, I currently live near Greensboro NC.
  16. JumpMaster82d

    Project Rusty Sport

    I have no idea whats going on. I've posted on several forums and pretty familiar with how to do it. I started with Google Photos and when that didnt work, I uploaded everything on imgur. Could it be I dont have permission from nastyz28 to post pics?
  17. JumpMaster82d

    Project Rusty Sport

    Not much more demoralizing than seeing your car with less than half its original sheetmetal... So we got some put back in I guess someone decided that 2 6x9's weren't enough?? Had to put some bars in to hold everything square while it was cut apart, you can also see the floor pans...
  18. JumpMaster82d

    FS - Corbeau Seat Brackets 70-74 Camaro/Firebird

    I'll take them if available. PM sent.
  19. JumpMaster82d

    Project Rusty Sport

    Got my American Autowire Classic Update harness, looks pretty solid with all the appropriate connectors Got my Custom Works Performance RS nose delivered today, looks like a nice piece and has good reviews from some folks on here Seam sealer going on the doors Doors slick sanded and in...
  20. JumpMaster82d

    Project Rusty Sport

    Not sure what pics can and can't be seen so I'll catch it up here. Here's the car after I bought it and threw some Billet Specialties on it Had a little front end bump up. My original plan was to get the LS3/4L80 combo in and running and then worry about body/paint next year but the...

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