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  1. rotinrob


    From the chevy numbers page on this website Kind of a universal BB block casting. rotin
  2. rotinrob

    TIMING CHAIN SLACK? 1981 Camaro Z28

    Way too much. Need to find a shorter timing chain set. Summit list plenty of choices. rotin
  3. rotinrob

    1970 Z/28 power steering gear box question(s)

    70 Camaros (any F body) had steering boxes with roughly 37° of rotation a Chevelle (any A body car) got a box with about 40° of rotation. Later MC boxes had about 39° of rotation. The Jeep box I put into my Monte Carlo has 43° of rotation (the tires will rub the sway bar). There are slight...
  4. rotinrob

    Cam degree

    I check the cam timing on everything I build, good peace of mind and yes some cams/timing sets do intentionally have a few degrees advance/retard (especially the OEM spec. stuff as mentioned for emissions). Kind of like checking bearing clearance (you wouldn't put an engine together without...
  5. rotinrob

    Upgrading shop compressor

    I have a Campbell Hausfeld 80 gallon 7.5 hp 2 stage similar to a CE7000 but 30+ years old, that provides all the air I need. This even does a good job running a blaster when need be. Plenty of air for the home hobbyist. Painting a car is not problem at all and the compressor usually doesn't...
  6. rotinrob

    Is Summit taking a long time for you guys lately?

    I haven't noticed a service drop off. Usually if it is in stock in the OH warehouse a lot of the time I get it the next day or within a couple of days. Takes a bit longer if coming from one of the other locations. Too bad it is a tad too far to drive there in person. In general some shipping has...
  7. rotinrob

    1970 - 1974 Reverse Lockout Procedure

    No idea why the rod didn't work other than to say that I have boxes of repop parts that I found unusable for one reason or another. rotin
  8. rotinrob

    1970 - 1974 Reverse Lockout Procedure

    Reverse only to remove the key. Should be a low enough ratio in reverse to keep the car from rolling, the ratio is almost the same as first gear. According to this web site a 79Z with 350 has a 2.55:1 reverse verses a 2.64:1 first, pretty insignificant. I have never had a GM car that required...
  9. rotinrob

    Stock rings

    I used Hastings file to fit in my last build. Very happy with the results. They should have them in file to fit for a standard bore 350. rgs
  10. rotinrob

    Tachometer HEI question

    Sometime shortly after the introduction of the HEI GM started adding a filter to the tachometer leads. I have been using them for years now. You can buy one on Ebay for approximately $32, it is a good investment. Search on Corvette HEI tachometer filter. If you are handy with electronics you...
  11. rotinrob

    1970 - 1974 Reverse Lockout Procedure

    You should be able to shut the car off without putting it into reverse. The reverse requirement to remove the key is a requirement for theft prevention at the time, the way it works is also a safety thing because to remove the key the column is also required to be locked. it would be tough to...
  12. rotinrob

    Canadian forest fires

    Reminds me of when Mt. St. Helens blew up. Haven't seen the sun in days. rotin
  13. rotinrob

    Engine starting procedure

    Started my Monte Carlo for the first time this year yesterday. Yes I know it is summer but the weather in the spring was pretty crappy and I have Chevelle parts scattered everywhere. Pulled the air cleaner lid, filled the front float bowl with fuel (with a little down the barrels), hooked the...
  14. rotinrob

    Engine starting procedure

    Starting old cars, especially modified ones, is unit specific. Cars that sit for periods of time can be cantankerous. When I preflight my car, you do open the hood and check things out before you start it don't you, I will check to see if the accelerator pump squirts. If it doesn't I have a...
  15. rotinrob

    70 Trim Plate Thought’s

    Not just 8ODY BY FISHER but 8ODY 8Y FISHER. My 01C car didn't have any goo in the trim tag rivets let alone that much stuff. But my tag could be mistaken for "8" rather than "B" I need to take a closer look when I get back to where that car is. No way my tag is fake I bought the car back in...
  16. rotinrob

    Request assistance in ID'ing part

    Looks to me like the dash bracket for the passenger side cross bar. Unfortunately i don't have my AIM handy to confirm. rotin
  17. rotinrob

    Camaro GM Parts Manual

    A good reference source is They have many of the parts manuals online for many years. Not easy to find parts unless you have the part number, otherwise you are tabbing through the books a page at a time. They also have the parts history books so you can see the number transition...
  18. rotinrob

    Best Place to Get Upholstery

    I use Legendary purchased from NPD in Canton MI because I can drive there and pick it up and they almost always have Black in stock (all my cars have black interiors). I don't see them listed on the catalog page at this time so they must be having supply issues. If it needs to be ordered from...
  19. rotinrob

    The End of Ethanol Free fuel at the pumps in Ontario

    Corn gas has been a pain in the a$$ for ever. We can still buy Recreational fuel here but I'm not sure if it is worth it. I run Racing Gas in my fun cars so no added alcohol in that stuff. Stopped using gas powered weed whackers years ago because the EPA has ruined 2 strokes, plus they sit...
  20. rotinrob

    Soda blasting

    I avoid sandblasting whenever possible for sheet metal. Works great on brackets and suspension parts, etc.. The chances of panel warpage and just the pain in the a$$ of cleaning out all of the sand is enough to keep me away from it. I highly recommend American Metal Cleaning in Toledo for all of...

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