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  1. SRGN

    Anyone got an LS bolt stash? Need 3 bolts

    I'll look through my stuff this weekend if you want. It will give me an excuse to go near the car that I haven't touched in months
  2. SRGN

    How much does paint really cost?

    In PPG, it would be really easy to rack up a $1500 bill for the materials at wholesale including what he already put down. There is cheaper stuff out there, but you get what you pay for.
  3. SRGN

    Need new battery for DD opinions?

    I have heard good things about the AGM that batteries & bulbs stores are carrying. I am going to try one the next time I need one.
  4. SRGN

    CF/Fiberglass Hood Rention

    I use quik latch retainers. Much easier than dzus or pins, and less likely to get forgotten.
  5. SRGN

    Another Disc Brake Conversion dilemma...

    How much vacuum do you pull at idle?
  6. SRGN

    Police touch the tail light, trunk, bumper, etc. of any vehicle they approach

    Prints, touch DNA, and making sure the trunk is latched so nobody jumps out of it.
  7. SRGN

    Another Disc Brake Conversion dilemma...

    Make sure the front and rear lines aren't switched going in/out of the proportioning valve. If you don't have enough pressure up front, the car will not stop well.
  8. SRGN

    Is a Ford 8.8" swap worth it if it's 'free'?

    Your 8.5 is plenty strong, if you do the gears yourself it's a lot less work than converting it over to the 8.8. Bolt circle on the Ford is different, so you would need new rear wheels. I've run on 28 spline stock GM axles in the low 11s/high 10s in my old GN. If you don't have the money to go...
  9. SRGN

    6.0 Lq4 Comp ratio

    If anything, I'd run a shorter rod to keep the pin further from the crown on a boosted build. I'd also look into a slightly dished piston, the combo you posted is more ideal for a Max effort NA build. The compression with 5.3 heads and those pistons would be a little higher than I prefer for a...
  10. SRGN

    2013 ford transmission problem

    No problem. I work a few jobs myself, so texting is fine.
  11. SRGN

    Centerline champ 500 wheels for sale

    I will take them if they are still available. I think I still have your number somewhere.
  12. SRGN

    2013 ford transmission problem

    Scan it and watch the data. Could be as simple as a ripped intake boot opening up when the engine torques over a little. Watch wheel speeds in ABS data, traction control could be kicking in if wheel speeds signals dropout from a bad sensor or bearing. It's nearly impossible to diagnose most...
  13. SRGN

    Halloween in Florida.....

  14. SRGN

    Anyone want to weigh in on the Dallas cop convicted today?

    It was a mistake that cost someone their life, but it was done without malice given the information I have seen. Manslaughter would have been a more suitable charge. I don't think race should ever be mentioned in legal proceedings unless it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that it was a...
  15. SRGN

    Lola T70 at Le mans

    I actually needed that. The sound of those cars is amazing. I'm going to have to put in my "Le Mans" DVD this weekend and destroy what is left of my hearing. No surround sound, but my Bluetooth headphones are pretty loud. Of the things I miss about older cars, sound and smell are the two that...
  16. SRGN

    Paint advise

    You can paint it apart, but I would base all the parts at the same time. It will be the nicest job. Make sure all the parts are oriented the same as they hang on the car, don't have the doors laying flat, etc so the flake lays the same as the adjacent panels. Use a good gun, and adjust it...
  17. SRGN

    Chevy Avalanche - experience?

    Issues, usually brake lines on earlier models. If the oil was not changed regularly with the correct spec oil, the lifter issues come into play. I have an 07 Tahoe I picked up cheap because of a bad lifter. Bought a kit from Scoggin Dickey with LS7 lifters, head bolts, and all the covers/gaskets...
  18. SRGN

    My '73 Twin Turbo LS Project

    I didn't dent mine, fortunately, but went right through to primer stupidly moving a rear end housing past the car. I was building the rear to make some extra money, and cost myself more than I made, for paint materials. I'm an idiot.
  19. SRGN

    ECM controlled Volvo relay, Ford fan,

    85/86 are relay coil. 30 should get 12V or ground, depending on what you want switched on or off. 87 is the other side of the switched contacts. So power and ground on 85 and 86 turn the relay on, whatever is on 30 will get switched on to 87 when the relay is on. I'm not sure on the circuit...
  20. SRGN

    My '73 Twin Turbo LS Project

    More reassembly.