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  1. Ote

    Air Cleaner Clearance

    I have the Edelbrock RPM Air Gap intake and a Quick Fuel 780 CFM carb (same as Holley) with the stock dual snorkel air cleaner on top and the stock flat hood. It all fits well. No problems. Did have to do a tiny bit of cutting on the bottom of the air cleaner where it sits on the Carb so it...
  2. Ote

    Does this engine stamp look OK?

    As others have said, engine stamp should be aligned. At best, this is a re-stamp by someone with limited ability. If this were a real Z, the owner would have been much more careful with the re-stamping of that number. I'd pass. The numbers on my '71 Z built in Van Nuys that I purchased new...
  3. Ote

    Air Cleaner Clearance

    I have a Holley 780 mounted on Edelbrock RPM Air-Gap intake with dual snorkel air cleaner. Fits fine in my 1971 Z28.
  4. Ote

    Engine Coolant

    Agreed on using the old fashioned "green" coolant with 24 month life. I have heard that the newer, long life coolants don't get along well with the solder in the heater core, tends to destroy it over time.
  5. Ote

    1971 True Z28

    8 Tach should read to 8000 rpm with red line beginning at 6500 rpm.
  6. Ote

    1970 Rear Bumper Guards

    They look fine to me. I used well nuts to fasten mine to valance and included a small rubber grommet between the valance and the bumperettes to lessen the bend a bit. Using well nuts eliminates the need to put nuts on the bolts and having to drop the tank.
  7. Ote

    1971 True Z28

    On my '71 Z28, which I bought new in '71 (built in Van Nuys LA plant), you will find the engine number stamped on the block under where the alternator sits. This number, among other things, contains a portion of the VIN code shown on your firewall tag and on the VIN under the windshield inside...
  8. Ote

    Distance from wheel arch to ground

    My '71 Z measures 27 1/2". That's with the leaf springs that came with the car in 1971 when I bought it.
  9. Ote

    70 Rear Bumper Guards

    Another poster gave you the measurement for placement below. I would add that you should go to Lowes or Home Depot and pickup a couple "Well Nuts" to fasten the guards to the lower panel.
  10. Ote

    Question for 71 Z28 owners

    I'm the original owner of my 1971 Z28. I ordered it in February of 1971. It was built on April 1, 1971, build date 04A. It was built in Van Nuys, CA plant. A standard Z28 metal emblem is located in the center of the spoiler. There are no decal or foil emblems on the car, they are all metal...
  11. Ote

    pls help me spec out components for my 383 short block build

    I use ProMaxx 200cc heads on my 383 with an Edelbrock RPM Air Gap dual plane intake. Engine dyno's 514 HP at 6000 rpm and 489 torque at 5100 rpm. My cam is a bit more aggressive than yours. I pull around 9.5 to 10" of vacuum at idle and power brakes work fine. Also run a Quick Fuel Hot Rod...
  12. Ote

    Puzzling oil leak - new engine

    Could be rear main seal if its dripping only when engine is running and dripping from dust cover hole.
  13. Ote

    hood clearance on 1979 z28

    Yes. I have my original two snorkel drop base air cleaner from my 1971 Z28. Replaced intake with Edelbrock air gap rpm intake. Fits fine under unmodified hood.
  14. Ote

    Post Your Race / Competition Videos Here

    1971 Camaro Z28. I'm the original owner. 1/4 mile at drag strip near Yakima WA.
  15. Ote

    !971 standard steering wheel question.

    Yeh, I was poor when I bought the car (still am), so not many options, including no floor console shifter. So it's now the fairly rare automatic with shifter on the column. Like you say, probably not many of these left. I suspect the original 2 spoke steering wheel is a little hard to find...
  16. Ote

    !971 standard steering wheel question.

    The wheel on my '71 Z just says "Chevrolet". I'm the original owner and purchased it new with "standard" interior, so no wood grain.
  17. Ote

    Original Dash 10 ohm Speaker Replacement Option

    Joe Vijil did reconing of my front speaker (1971 Z) and did a nice job. I also purchased an oe rear speaker from him and had him recone it. It wasn't cheap, but was correct for the car and had the mounting stud for the speaker baffle. He also did a recondition of the original AM radio...
  18. Ote

    Help Identifying fuel lines on tank

    Yes, the 5/16" vent line went to the charcoal canister originally.
  19. Ote

    1970 camaro column shift

    Yes for sure in 1971 and probably 1970 also. I bought my Z new in 1971 and it came standard with column shifter if you ordered the optional TH400. Console shifter was optional. Being poor back then, I settled for the column shifter.
  20. Ote

    Where do my seatbelts go? (HELP!)

    Lap belt installed in original location in my '71 Z. There are holes in the roof for the screws front and back if you can locate them under your headliner.