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  1. Charlie1800

    First pro photo shoot

    First pro photo shoot
  2. '81 Z-28

    '81 Z-28

    Results from our first pro photo shoot;) 4 years to get here, but totally worth it!
  3. Charlie1800

    C5 brake conversion anyone ?

    I could have used my existing booster and M/C, but I went with the chrome one from Camaro Central, as it came with a proportioning valve attached. We had to make an emergency brake cable set up, and get some adapters for the brake lines to the calipers, otherwise it was pretty smooth. One...
  4. Charlie1800

    C5 brake conversion anyone ?

    Here are the new AR Customs 18 x 7 in front VN425 TORQ THRUST SL POLISHED
  5. Charlie1800

    17" Year One 5 Spoke Rally Wheels and New Nitto Tires in SC

    Set of 4 Year One Rally wheels, center caps, and lug nuts with Nitto tires. Wheels and tires have less than 700 miles on them. Custom center caps, with 1980-81 Z-28 logo inserts, which can be removed and replaced with the stock bowtie/blue background insets from Year One. Lug pattern is 5X120.7...
  6. Charlie1800

    C5 brake conversion anyone ?

    Check out Scott is awesome, and I sent him a pair of CPP 2" drop spindles and he changed the brackets to accommodate gen 6 brakes. The theory being that going forward, parts, etc will be simple and inexpensive to replace (along with superior stopping power)...
  7. Charlie1800

    Mom's 1981 Z28

    Absolutely beautiful car Chad, nicely done! Thanks for sharing the story. I’m so close to be finally finished with mine. I was back on the road until I got my ‘16 and discovered what big brakes are all about, so I’m putting those on my ‘81
  8. Charlie1800

    Mom's 1981 Z28

    Brother, don’t we ALL have more in them than they’re worth? (Just not to us❤️)
  9. Charlie1800

    75-81 Front Seat Compatibility

    We took our first trip in my baby since getting her back in one piece, and my wife HATED the Gen 4 seats.. :(( sometimes tears just aren't enough... So, I'm looking at options for new, modern seats, before I throw in the towel and just rebuild and cover my original seats. (and no comments about...
  10. Charlie1800

    She's FINALLY in one piece and back on the road!!!

    She's FINALLY in one piece and back on the road!!!
  11. Charlie1800

    WTB T-Top Roof Rail Drip Moldings

    Looking for 78-81 Fisher T-Top chrome drip rail moldings. Need L & R. Please PM Thank you, -Charlie
  12. Charlie1800

    5th gen seat in a camaro yet?

    It's going in next week, so I'll keep you posted
  13. Charlie1800

    5th gen seat in a camaro yet?

    So, this may not be as difficult as one would think. I ordered all the crossmember pieces today for about 140.00, and we're going to modify them on one side to accommodate the "hump" in my '81 floor pan. I'll post how it turns out.
  14. Charlie1800

    5th gen seat in a camaro yet?

    Alberta, please post some pics as you go! I'd really appreciate seeing how you put this together. I'm ready to install!!!
  15. Charlie1800

    TMI Sport R Door Panels and Center Console

    Squeaky, I'd like some info on the door panels and pics if possible. Would you reach out please? Thank you, Charlie
  16. Charlie1800

    5th gen seat in a camaro yet?

    Greetings Folks! After a long stay in the bodyshop, my '81 Z is finally coming home... so it's time to get serious on the seat issue. Mr. Speed was kind enough to share some of his pics previously, and I may have saved some, however I'd like to find out if anyone else has tackled this...
  17. Charlie1800

    Gen 2 Interior Door Panels

    door panels Thanks for the info guys! Flat, what you did might work. That splash of color to match the seats would do the trick. I don't have the facilities/time to go into extreme mod, so the MCI stuff probably won't work for me. TMI will redo the panels in sport-R below for 440.00, and...
  18. Charlie1800

    Gen 2 Interior Door Panels

    new seats I haven't done the install yet Alberta, but speed_m5 has a thread on the set he did in a '72. I'm going to have to mod the passenger floor board due to the converter hump, but the seats were just too sweet to pass up;)
  19. Charlie1800

    Gen 2 Interior Door Panels

    Which one Z. which one gave the bad service? did you actually get the panels?