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  1. RickM

    Things you Hate to see at Car Shows

    Man, I have never taken my Camaro to a car show since there are none around here. Always thought I would like to but after listening to this I may never. If I did go to one, the thing I would hate to see would be rain.
  2. RickM

    OBD scanner

    81 has a 5 pin adld connector mounted drivers side by the lap vent. Turn ignition on, engine not running, and short pins 4&5. The check engine light will flash the codes.
  3. RickM

    Recommendations on rear speaker replacement

    Original Delco radio needs 8-10 ohm speakers. These will work ----> Speaker
  4. RickM

    Factory rear speaker setup - 1981

    What do you need to know? Speakers mount in the rear package tray. 2 wires to each speaker from the radio. If you have an original delco radio the speakers should be 8-10 ohms. Not much else to it.
  5. RickM

    Best bang for the buck steering box

    Red Head steering box on mine. No slop. Had a Cardone and it was loose.
  6. RickM

    1986 rochester quadrajet rebuild

    That is an E4ME, electronic version of the quadrajet. If you are going to rebuild it you will need some special tools to adjust the lean stop and rich stop settings. You will also need a tool to get a base setting of the mixture control solenoid, and a tool to adjust the throttle position...
  7. RickM

    Part Identification

    That looks like one of the 2 rods that cross cross on the radiator support.
  8. RickM

    Stalled Project

    Over a thousand miles on my car since I got her on the road. Never dawned on me how many compliments I get about my car when I am cruising. You will get them too when you are done, and it feels good!
  9. RickM

    How to do a front end alignment

    That was what I did, got the idea from a youtube video. They don't work as well as turnplates but better than nothing. With the pizza pans it is really hard to know when you are turning the tires 20 degrees each way. (you need to know for caster measurements)
  10. RickM

    Clock Conversion

    I did the same thing as Twisted on my 81. I cant remember where I got mine but I am sure the one from Classic industries Twisted posted will work just fine for you. 15 years later, mine keeps perfect time.
  11. RickM

    Repop Steering Wheel-Anyone Buy One?

    I bought a repop for my 81. Been 3 years, no problem.
  12. RickM

    Fuel Filter Again,..

    My 81 is 100% stock. All emissions equipment are in place. Stock cam, stock intake. Car had a stumble with rpms around 1000. All electronics are hooked up and working. I understand how the ccc carb works and how to set it up. Yes I set the mixture control solenoid using the special (Thexton)...
  13. RickM

    Fuel Filter Again,..

    Ok, I have been working on my carb trying to get rid of a slight hesitation, mine is an electronic computer controlled carb so tuning it is different than a non computer controlled carb. Regardless I replaced the fuel filter with a new one from Autozone. It came with a relief valve as seen in...
  14. RickM

    How to do a front end alignment

    I did an alignment at home with tools from Quick Trick. (Do a search about Quick Trick if you are interested). After some miles on the car I decided to get a real alignment done on an alignment rack. Turns out I had Camber and Caster close, but not equal on both sides. Toe was a little bit off...
  15. RickM

    Very Frustrated Can't Stop a Fuel Leak at the Filter

    Well I love my car again. Seems like the fuel was not leaking at the carburetor, but was leaking at the fuel line end. All I had to do was tighten the fuel line flare fitting a bit tighter and no more leaks. I was sure it was leaking where it screws into the carburetor, but I was wrong...
  16. RickM

    1981 dashboard

    Hey Biker, I have the Coverlay on my 81 and it looks great. You will be happy. Few pictures of me putting it on Before (after scrubbing the old pad and getting it nice and clean) After
  17. RickM

    Very Frustrated Can't Stop a Fuel Leak at the Filter

    It should be so simple, a fuel filter change but I cant get it to stop leaking. I have a 2bbl rochester carb, it uses the long 2 inch filter. The leak is not where the fuel line connects to the inlet. The leak is at the other end of the inle, where it screws into the carb. I have gone through 3...
  18. RickM

    Removed My Fuel Filter Have a Question

    Yes, it is a paper filter. Yes I have a spring in the carb casting, I believe the spring goes in first, then the filter. How about the paper filter itself, should the filter go in with the valved end go in first next to the spring or should the valved end go the other way next to the fuel line...
  19. RickM

    Removed My Fuel Filter Have a Question

    I removed my fuel filter today (Rochester 2 bbl dual jet) and noticed that it was hollow in the center. It looks like a new one has some sort of valve in the center, I did some research, and it is a pressure relief valve. What happened to my original filter? And what does the pressure relief...