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  1. Vsolo

    Camaro Nationals 2022 - new dates & location

    First, it's closer to New Jersey :) I'm hoping they still have the cruise on Thursday night, A lot of people seem to be showing up on Wednesday, I guess it is a wider audience. I'll be there :) I guess we'll find out more in the future
  2. Vsolo

    Camaro Nationals 2022 - new dates & location

    I haven't been to the Camaro Nationals in a few years because of other obligations. It looks like there are a few changes in the (less classes) & Judging Judging in 4 Levels……. Top 30 Participant Vote, Heartbeat, Bow Tie, & Legends...
  3. Vsolo

    Carb Shopping

    This story is about 2 car friends of mine that I see once or twice a year on a car cruise event, Like HRPT or a local 3 day cruise. I have not visited them at home often, but I have high respect for both of them and their car and engine knowledge which is way more than my knowledge. Make sure...
  4. Vsolo

    2021 Hot Rod Power Tour

    I've been on 4 Full HRPT's Suggestion, make the first stop a 2-day trip, 300 miles a day. (if you have the time off) It's a fun trip no need to wear yourself out. I know people that have to do the 12-hour drive to get home after the HRPT. The official map does not come out till about a month...
  5. Vsolo

    1970 Camaro Restofy

    Check to see if there is a local dealer or speed shop. That way you can talk to them and see if answer you without dealing with Summit. I have found their lack of knowledge about particular items not that good when I visited them at their showroom, I have a question about 2 different battery...
  6. Vsolo

    1970 Camaro Restofy

    I don't have the talent to do the work myself (I did my research and talked to the main guy who does the work) but I have a place that is trustworthy and has reasonable hourly rates for Vintage Air & for the Dakota Digital install. They do them a lot and are very familiar with both systems...
  7. Vsolo

    Blueprint Engines Factory Tour

    This kid (I'm really old) is very helpful and recently (Jan 14th) did a whole tour of the Blue Print Engine Plant. I'm really impressed with all things covered in their video. They also have several engine/trans set up. They do provide good technical support too.
  8. Vsolo

    New Four-Spoke Sport Steering Wheel From Classic Industries

    I received this link on one of my emails.
  9. Vsolo

    Back in the day scanned pics of your cars -lets see them

    1983 Still had the trailer hitch on and it was white back then, I was in Maryland but I still had an Arizona plate. I had my paperwork in the mail when I got busted for driving with "Out of state plates" by the local college cops :( when I went to pick up my wife at the school one day. 1983
  10. Vsolo

    UMI Performance Cruise In & Autocross- August 11th-12th, Philipsburg- PA

    Scott, It was great talking to you at the AutoCross. It was a blast tearing up the track too I have not forgotten, I've been busy. I'm supposed to remind you to send me the info about the rim and tires :)
  11. Vsolo

    Camaro 50 Hot Wheels

    Johnny Lightning came out with some new 2nd Gen 1/64 diecasts Camaro Also there is a new M2 Two early 2nd Gens & two Rubber nosed ones
  12. Vsolo

    Camaro Wallet

    Whoa, they have a bunch of Camaro stuff
  13. Vsolo

    2018 Hot Rod Power Tour

    It was for me, I had the blue car :) Any picture of your car in Hot Rod is a good picture :)
  14. Vsolo

    2018 Hot Rod Power Tour

    Found the picture I took of our cars in Hot Rod Magazine. There was no description just the pictures
  15. Vsolo

    Camaro 50 Hot Wheels

    This new series is coming in the next few months. This is just the 2nd Gen, there will be all 6 gens in the series It is called Hot Wheels 2018 50th Challenging The Limits Since 1968" s
  16. Vsolo

    Auto-x action shot thread

    First Picture: me missing a gate :)
  17. Vsolo

    2018 Hot Rod Power Tour

    Here are some more pictures, when we pulled in there it was just an old dead gas station. Notice no people JerryL being interviewed by "Some Guy" we had no idea at the time that he was the head of Hot Rod Magazine. The funniest and most embarrassing part for me was, they did a video too and...
  18. Vsolo

    2018 Hot Rod Power Tour

    Here are the pictures from Jerry's break down, We even made it into Hot Rod Magazine. I can't find the pictures of it right now. Ahh the memories
  19. Vsolo

    2018 Hot Rod Power Tour

    I'll stop I had too much coffee this morning

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