1. 7

    1973 camaro headliner in an earlier year model?

    Will a one piece board style headliner reproduction with insulation install in a 70-72 with no problems?
  2. 7

    1972 camaro door panels on 1970/1971?

    I’m thinking about putting the 72 door panels with map pockets on my 71 because the door panels need restoring anyway. Will there be any modifications needed to do that? Is it even worth it? Are the map pockets that useful? Is the inner door handle (with the reproduction plastic insert handles...
  3. J

    My 70 Formula 400 resto

    Hey all! My name is jeff, and I will be documenting my 1970 Pontiac firebird formula 400. This is one that is very special to me, as it started as a project between my grandfather and me, but he ended up passing away before we really got going. So its become a car I am doing in his memory...
  4. G

    1972 RS turn signal lights

    Hi everyone! I am looking for a really nice pair of front RS turn signals for my 1972 RS. will consider a pair in good condition or NOS. Thank You
  5. jondebo

    Need a new 1 piece spoiler for my 70? Carbon Fiber?

    Noticed this on my 70 yesterday : ( Stripes run over the spoiler and the paint is 20 years old and so-so. Will be pretty expensive to have it paint matched due to the stripes (I'm in CA). Easily over $1000. I was thinking of getting a carbon fiber replacement and keeping it naked. Looks like...
  6. n2h2o2

    WTB: 1970 Z-28 Intake 3972100

    Title should be 3972110....Must be a very good example. If it has been drilled, modified, repaired or corroded, I am not interested.
  7. 7+Camaros

    WTB. COZ 12 bolt rear end. March 1970 build.

    WTB: Looking for a March '70 build COZ 3:73 12 bolt rear end.
  8. giggity

    1970 Camaro Stock Radio mount and Antenna

    Does anyone have a picture of how the stock radio mounts to framework in dash? I looked in the assembly manual and couldnt find it, I wish that things was indexed properly, pretty sure its in there, just not flipping through pages properly. Also the Antenna wire to windshield, can I buy that...
  9. C

    New Member with 70 Z28 RS

    Hi All I'm pretty excited at the moment as I purchased a 70 Z28 RS in Daytona Yellow 4 speed and I hope to pick it up from the shipping company next week :) The car was built and and lived in LA and was last registered in 1986 and has been parked up since then. The carburetor and distributor are...
  10. 70lt1z28

    Hats off to Scott Kiehn 70 L78

    Just looking through the new MCACN directory and on page 35 for the Class of 1970 was a photo of Scott's awesome Classic Copper 70 L78. Only 3 car photos and Scott's made it! Hope to see it there. Way to go, Scott!
  11. Darin Whitt

    PARTS left over after build complete (Northern Calif)

    Remaining parts after 1971 Camaro project build. Looking to sell as LOT Pickup only - Northern California If interested email me at [email protected]
  12. JOEY72camaro

    found this in heater box help identify??

    found this in my heater box anyone know what it goes to. If I had to guess it must of fell in from dash vent? But if anyone knows let me know thanks
  13. Mrnmrssmith

    New carb options for 70 350 lt-1

    Looking at the new carb for my 70 z, have the original 780 Holley which works fine but believe the lt-1 could benefit with a brand new one.. engine is basically stock specs, auto trans, used 100% on the street. Wanting to stick with 4150 style so my factory air cleaner housing and fuel line will...
  14. BumbleBee70SS

    New and Could Use Some Help...

    Hi everyone! Me and my family have a 70 SS we have owned since new, I restored it back in 09 and I'm still continuing to fix small things around the car. Thought it was finally time I joined a Camaro forum and NastyZ28 came to mind immediately. Really look forward to working with the community...
  15. giggity

    restoring 1970 camaro seats

    Restored my 1970 camaro seats, turned out pretty dang good!!! Going to do a seat write up when i get a chance on this thread. But this was my end result on the first seat!
  16. 70lt1z28

    ISO 5470125 5470126 Brake calipers

    Looking for a Feb-March dated set of 1970 front calipers in good, rebuildable condition. Thanks, Dave
  17. Z

    1970 Camaro titled as a 1972 Camaro

    I purchased what I believed was a 1972 Camaro back in 2010 and just let it sit. Now I've finally had time to really start working on it and getting all the damage fixed on it but I discovered that the hidden VIN at the blower motor is different than my title. I then checked the VIN underneath...
  18. Willie Bifulco

    Yet Another No Start Thread....Newbie Needs Help!

    Original 1970 307 Camaro. Car was returned to me on a flatbed after body restoration (although a new fuel & water pump plus a timing chain and cam was replaced by the shop). The shop had the car running previously and it started and ran when I rec'd to get it into my garage. It also started a...
  19. n2h2o2

    WTB 1970 Holley Cali Carb List 4489 Dated 044 to 051

    Prefer unrestored complete original but will consider parts. #3972123 List 4489 for 1970 Z28 and LT-1
  20. Schlink

    Removed Parts - Who Needs Them? FREE

    I’ve taken stock exhaust manifolds, 2bbl and intake with heat shield, valve covers, radiator, air cleaner, and rear drum brakes off of my 1970 Camaro. I live just west of Atlanta in Powder Springs. Send me a PM with your cell # and I’d be happy to send pics. If you want them, just do the legwork...

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