1. Schlink

    Removed Parts - Who Needs Them? FREE

    I’ve taken stock exhaust manifolds, 2bbl and intake with heat shield, valve covers, radiator, air cleaner, and rear drum brakes off of my 1970 Camaro. I live just west of Atlanta in Powder Springs. Send me a PM with your cell # and I’d be happy to send pics. If you want them, just do the legwork...
  2. R

    looking for a Radiator for a 1970 Z28

    Im looking for a Radiator for a 1970 Z28 with the correct tags. If you know who has one or where I can look for one, please let me know!
  3. M

    Dash, lower vents

    Is anyone familiar with the lower dash vents on A/C cars? Mine is a '70 and has the valves to close off the vents. Does anyone know if the shut off valves were an option on all years or if this was only available on certain years or models? I am going to be looking into getting nicer vents, but...
  4. M

    Lap vents

    Can anyone tell me about the lower dash lap vents, particularly a 1970. What cars had them and what years are the same. They were missing in my car but I would like to find some and put them in when it goes back together. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  5. 1970 Z87 Package Tray Cover Underside

    1970 Z87 Package Tray Cover Underside

    package tray cover
  6. M

    Wanted: 1970 Radiator Support

    I am starting to reassemble my 70’ and need a radiator support. I live in Northern California, but can pay shipping if needed.
  7. tbarr396

    1970 1/2 RS/SS 396 build volume

    I think one will have to burrow deep in Chevy build sheet records but I restored a 1970 second gen RS/SS L34 about 20 years ago....still have it. I looked thru a lot of reference material trying to find out how rare it is. I could find out how many L34’s were built, how many SS cars were built...
  8. Camaroz28722

    1972 camaro rally stripes

    looking for a place that sells 70-73 rally stripes decals looking for them in white thanks
  9. 70lt1z28

    1970 PS Rag Joint PN

    Anyone know the original part number for a 1970 power steering rag joint? The AIM doesn't have it. The Chevy parts book should have it, which I don't have. Along with this, who makes the most accurate-original appearing reproduction? Is it anywhere close to OEM?
  10. M

    1970 steering wheel... wtb.

    I am looking for a 1970 Camaro steering wheel if anyone has one they would sell. I think the number is 3752075-1 and the horn sheous nuber is 3982319. Thanks in advance.
  11. M

    1970 Z28 4 Speed

    Norwood built Z28, still has original 12 bolt (3:73 gear), factory 4 speed car, no console, factory Citrus Green with Black Stripes and black interior. Now has a high compression 383 small block, aluminum heads, 5 speed Tremec , cross drilled disk brakes, aluminum radiator etc. Great body...
  12. M

    1970 SS396 L34

    1970 L34 factory 4 speed, Cranberry/Sandalwood interior (black currently), Norwood built, NOM, 454, 1969 gm alum heads, original 12 bolt, factory 4 speed no console, solid floors, trunk but needs to be completely redone, runs drives and stops great could drive as is. Paint looks better in the...
  13. 70lt1z28

    1970 inner door handle chrome finish

    On 1970's with the Deluxe interior option (Z87), did the inner door handle levers have a high gloss smooth polished chrome finish or a frost-satin type chrome? I know these are subject to pitting and maybe its that, but mine have a very even, very slight pebble finish to them. Before I...
  14. C

    1970 Black Standard Vinyl Driver's Seat Cover WTB

    Looking for an original black drivers side seat back cover. Will buy full seat upholstery; don't need the complete seat. Please send pics and price information. Thanks in advance.
  15. giggity

    lower front fender patches

    Id like to see how your lower patches turn out if you patched your OEM fenders. Im a bit puzzled on what to do with the missing pressed area, and missing bolt holes on my 1970 patch. Is it even noticeable? Please post pictures.
  16. Autorestomod

    Question regarding lower dash chrome.

    Sorry if this has been asked a squillion times, I am on my mobile phone and for some reason, the search feature is not displaying. Anyway. We are working on an episode showing how to assemble and install a 1970 NPD dash pad and lower trim. Our glovebox was in need of replacement as was the a/c...
  17. giggity

    1970 camaro 12 bolt rear housing

    I was recently looking into building my 1970 Camaro 12 bolt rear end. The builder wants to cut the ends to put ford big bearings in it. I was quoted 2500 to build it completely. I can buy a complete strange or moser rear for close to the same amount. So I though if I can sell the housing to...
  18. Autorestomod

    1970 rear window interior trim between glass and package tray?

    We just got a 1970 Z28 clone/tribute car in and we're doing our walk-around and noticed that there is no trim panel under the glass between the glass and the package tray on this car. It has the sail panels, but no trim in between the sails. I've never done a post 1969 Camaro or Firebird and NPD...
  19. E

    aftermarket rims

    Hello all! not sure if this belongs but I was looking at different rims for my 1970 ss and I was wondering what would be the 1970s aftermarket rim that guys would put on our cars. I remember talking to an old guy at oreillys and I mentioned that some cragar SS's would be cool but he mentioned...
  20. giggity

    1970 stock seats with roll cage

    I've done some searching, and haven't really found what i'm looking for. Anyone put in a roll cage with stock 1970 seats? How did you set up seat belts or harness? pictures? thanks!

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