1. 7

    1973 camaro headliner in an earlier year model?

    Will a one piece board style headliner reproduction with insulation install in a 70-72 with no problems?
  2. 7

    1972 camaro door panels on 1970/1971?

    I’m thinking about putting the 72 door panels with map pockets on my 71 because the door panels need restoring anyway. Will there be any modifications needed to do that? Is it even worth it? Are the map pockets that useful? Is the inner door handle (with the reproduction plastic insert handles...
  3. JOEY72camaro

    1972 camaro build

    Hey everyone thought I would make build forum for my car so I could look back on and just have. Anyways it all started with my 1986 Irocz my first car I liked it so much I wanted a older camaro was looking for a cheap 1967 camaro but I ending up find my 1972 camaro for really good deal so I...
  4. JOEY72camaro

    Heater bypass?

    Hey when I got my camaro they just had blocked off the all heater stuff and put plugs into the water pump for heater core lines. My question is it fine to leave it like that or will it make to much pressure. Or do I need to run the lines to intake?
  5. JOEY72camaro

    hood release handle?

    This is how I got my camaro but when I put the front grill back on I wont be able to open the latch I have to be missing a piece or is this is the wrong hood latch for a 1972 camaro?
  6. JOEY72camaro

    clam shell mounts install?

    Hey just wonder what holes should I be using to install the clam shell mounts on to 1972 camaro subframe there's 4 holes on my mounts but I heard you only use 3 holes to install them is the correct way?
  7. 200mph

    Correct tach for 1972 Z28 ? ? ?

    Mods: Not sure if this belongs in "Electrical Systems", "Interior Restoration", or here. Thanks. A listing on BaT prompted this question. It's a legit-seeming '72 Z28 with a 7k tach. There is a thread on this site on Z28 tachs but it is inconclusive... Some posts: "8000 rpm tach was...
  8. Icepick23

    Project 72

    I have a 1972 Camaro that is currently under construction. I've had this car since the mid 80's. And I'm getting pretty serious about it now. Check it out
  9. 1972_Z-27

    Original hood for sale in Tucson - $100

    Factory hood I took off my 1972 RS/SS in 1981 (when I put on a fiberglass L88 hood). The hood has been stored inside for 30+ years. Rear passenger side corner bent in slightly. Should be easy fix. Factory hood spring/latch, wiper fluid squirters, and insulation included. This Original hood...
  10. JOEY72camaro

    found this in heater box help identify??

    found this in my heater box anyone know what it goes to. If I had to guess it must of fell in from dash vent? But if anyone knows let me know thanks
  11. H&S-Builds

    WTB 1972 Seat Tracks

    Looking for some decent working seat tracks for a 72 camaro for a good price.
  12. Z

    1970 Camaro titled as a 1972 Camaro

    I purchased what I believed was a 1972 Camaro back in 2010 and just let it sit. Now I've finally had time to really start working on it and getting all the damage fixed on it but I discovered that the hidden VIN at the blower motor is different than my title. I then checked the VIN underneath...
  13. Mr. Lucci

    Bout time for my 72

    Well, finally it's time to start the rebuild process on my 1972 RS Camaro after sitting since 1991 ish. I originally bought this back in 1987 along with another 1972 SS Camaro later that year. I think I only paid $250.00 ea for both of them!! Unfortunately the SS Camaro was Rotted beyond...
  14. JOEY72camaro

    Door trim?

    never mind found it..
  15. kamaro kid

    72 SS Hurst shifter question

    Working on 72 SS 396 with Muncie. Looking at GMPD-Hurst round lever shifters (no 3rd & 4th gear stop bolts). I'm finding examples with Hurst letters stamped above the bend area and some with letters in the bend area. Does anybody know which is correct?
  16. Camaroz28722

    1972 camaro rally stripes

    looking for a place that sells 70-73 rally stripes decals looking for them in white thanks
  17. C

    Seat tracks?

    Hey was wonder what year seat tracks fit on stock 71-73 bucket seats or if I could use racing seat tracks or if there's any universal seat tracks to fit on stock seats?
  18. T

    72 horn not working

    Relay clicks when I press the button but no noise at all from either horn. Any ideas for what to check next?
  19. Bikefixr

    1971-72 LS-3 COMPLETE air intake / preheat / air cleaner assembly

    I'm doing this ONE time. I have a COMPLETE setup. Exhaust Manifold shroud free of holes or serious rust. Chimney that fits into the shroud. The Hot-air flex-pipe (NOS), the correct Elbow with the valve-cover flat-spot that fits into the bottom of the air cleaner snorkel, proper Wittek clamp...
  20. speedometer


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