1973 z28

  1. Fume

    Transmission M21 Close Ratio 1st Gear Whine 1973 Z28 RS LT

    Here we go again, Background Info:- After years of the transmission working, it decided to get stuck in gear about a month ago. The car is stuck in 4th but the gear shifter seems to be in neutral but cant wiggle it, it can be put into reverse but only the gear shifter not the actual gears...
  2. Jhboy10

    Is my car running what it should? Engine build thoughts?

    Hey y'all, Second time posting here I hope this is the right place, I thought I'd see what you're opinions are on my times and what I could do to get faster. I tried to keep it mild enough to drive 100 miles round trip to work a couple times a week. Y'all think I went too mild? 1973 Z28 4 bolt...
  3. Fume

    Correct Badging 1973 Camaro Z28 RS Type LT

    I have a 1973 Z28 RS LT (title). Since I got the car I noticed inconsistencies with the bashing with other 1970-73 cars. Could someone please let me know what the correct Badging for my camaro? PS images linked below. :) (This is a true Z28 LT and Rally Sport) Edit: I know that the Z27 aka SS...