1. Joseph Ryan Shammas

    1979 Camaro No Drive, Only Reverse

    Hey guys, i sound like a total noob but im trying to learn more about this stuff and just need somewhere to start. I recently got myself a 79 Berlinetta Camaro, automatic for a really good deal as my first car. It started right up, ran great but the car started to slip. I checked Trans fluid in...
  2. C

    Dash Assy

    Does any one know if a dash from a 1978 will fit a 1979 with out modifications? I really love the wrap around look of the 78.
  3. B

    Looking for a very specific 1979 Z28

    Hi everyone, I just joined in hopes of some help finding my mom's 1979 Z28. Unfortunately, I don't have a ton of information, but what I do have makes it sound fairly unique. Here are the details: 1979 Z28 Light Blue Metallic automatic rear positraction (I think that's the correct term) Sold...
  4. JohnnyPhantom

    WTB: 1978/1979 Hood scoop grille insert

    I'm looking for the hood scoop insert that goes into the reverse scoop from a 1978/1979 Camaro. The black grille shown in this picture. I have the scoop, just missing the insert Thanks! ~John
  5. JohnnyPhantom

    Looking for the 1978/1979 Grille insert for the reverse tear drop hood scoop

    Hey Everyone! I've been a long time Camaro fan/owner and this is my first post on this awesome site. I have a 1979 Camaro with factory T-tops (my first car) my father and I restored when I was 15. I still have the car, and my dad and I are restoring it again, This time I'm 34 and have a better...
  6. 7

    From a 1979 to a 1978 Z28 T Tops Father Son Project

    I bought a 1979 350 that had been ran hot and then parked. I took that engine out and had it bored 30 over and put a 224 .3180 110.0 cam in it. Newly rebuilt 350 auto trans. and was going to start on the gutted interior and body. Some rust and one small dent. I thought it would not be too bad...
  7. T

    1979 10th Anniversary Trans Am

    Price Drop !!!!! Selling my 1979 10th Anniversary Trans Am with 59K To commemorate the Ten-year anniversary of the first Trans Am that rolled off the line in 1969, Pontiac decided to offer its first Special Anniversary Trans Am. Only 7500 of these beautiful Special Edition automobiles were...
  8. F

    Need help identifying block

    Hey guys, I'm new to Camaros and the forums, recently picked up a 1979 as a daily driver. Originally a 305 car its been swapped to a 350. I'm new to SBC motors, but I was able to easily locate both the casting number and the machine pad with the engine ID. Casting number is 14010207 so I know...
  9. 79_maro

    1979 Camaro Subwoofer Question

    What’s up guys, So I have good speakers in my 79 maro, but for some reason, I can’t have the bass very high because it makes a sort of rattling sound. I believe that it’s the metal casing that the speakers are in (right below the rear windshield), and was just wondering if anyone knew a fix to...
  10. Blk+Orange79Z28

    Exhaust Rattle on Leaf Springs?

    Hi again everyone. Been a boring winter not much to do. Got a quick question for you maybe someone has some experience with this. I got my new exhaust system installed last summer on my 79 Z28 (factory style exhaust) and I would notice a rattling noice from the back of the car when it was in...
  11. 79_maro

    Squeaky Brakes

    So I've had this problem before, where my brakes would squeal when I pump the brakes and won't stop squealing until I stopped. I fixed it originally by putting disc brake quiet on, and it didn't squeak for a solid few months. I'm having this same problem again, where the brakes squeal loudly as...
  12. 79_maro

    Replacing '79 Camaro Engine (HELP)

    Ok, to start, I have a 1979 camaro. I'm not really sure the specific kind it is, except it's definitely not a z28. It's a 305 5.0L V8, with a 4 barrel carburetor. It's also an automatic. It has some aftermarket upgrades but majority of the car is stock, except for some visual and other things we...
  13. B

    Selling my 1979 Z28

    Let me introduce Betty. Gosh, I hate to sell her, but the manual transmission is killing my bad knee. It hurts to driver her. Betty was born in 1979 in Norwood, OH. She had a complete restoration in 2008. She was restored to just about original condition. I have all the receipts in a file...
  14. Blk+Orange79Z28

    1979 Z28 350 Engine Minnesota

    Hey everyone, swapping out my original 350 in the car for a new engine. It has brand new front accessories (power steering, water pump, alt, new fuel pump, belts)new valve covers and air cleaner, freshly rebuilt carb, all new spark plus, wired and distributor cap and coil, runs just fine...
  15. Dave Sweet

    Front Rims and Tires- 8" x 15" ?

    Hello everyone, new to the site. I have a 1979 and currently running 205/70/14's on Cragar SS rims up front. Put on the front spoiler and side pieces and need something to fill up the wheel well more. Can I run an 8" x 15" with 4.125 BS Cragar SS rim with a 235/60/15 BFG TA or would it be...
  16. Travz28

    79 z28 steering box not working at idle

    My 79 z28s old steering box had every seal blown and was leaking my ps fluid out. So I went online and bought a rebuilt one. It was a perfect match mounted right up. I bled the system with the engine off and front wheels off the ground. Went from lock to lock as what they say. I started it and...
  17. J

    1979 z28 pulse to standard conversion

    Hello I have a 1979 z28 and my windshield wiper switch is shot. It has the delay/pulse switch witch I tried to find one online with no luck. However I can get a standard switch without issue! I'd like to convert to the standard switch. I saw some write ups on how to go from standard to pulse but...
  18. B

    Stock Fuel Pump PSI 1979 Camaro Z28

    I'm installing a new SP350 Engine in a 1979 Camaro Z28 which had a stock 350. The new engine is supposed to make about 385HP @ 5600RPM. It calls for a minimum 6PSI fuel pump. The new engine did come with a pump that has enough pressure but it would be more convenient to install the stock fuel...
  19. R

    1979 z28 six speed

    79 z28 355 sbc, edelbrock performer rpm heads, edelbrock performer rpm intake, 770 Holley, Weind aluminum water pump, edelbrock 7102 cam, Hurst driveline conversions t56 magnum, new speedhut gauges, 3.73 posi 10 bolt, hooker headers, dual 2.5 exhaust with cut outs, I am sure I am forgetting...
  20. my 79

    my 79

    383, 2.5inch exhaust, th350, 3.42 gears in a 10 bolt rearend and I removed the impact bars, a/c and heater core...

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