1. D

    1981 Camaro No Brake or Taillights

    Hey guys! Just bought this car and working through the kinks to be roadworthy. My current issue is my brake lights. I have no brake lights, no power to the plugs. I have no tail lights with the headlights on either. I do have turn signals and headlights. I checked the brake pedal switch and it...
  2. ctopic373

    Mounting location for dakota digital controller

    Hi everyone, i finally got my new rtx gauges in for my 1980 camaro after i ordered them in early april and am starting the install. Where have you guys been installing the controller? Ive seen some people mount it on the steering column bracket, is there anywhere else anyone has installed theirs?
  3. J

    Lost reverse

    Hey! I’m back with another question about my car, I just swapped out a worn out 700r4 for a long cone turbo 350 out of a 74 c10 into my 1981 camaro. Car has a small block 305. Transmission was sitting a couple years so when I got it I changed fluid filter and gaskets, the pan had some clutch...
  4. 2Gen Z28 #1

    1980-81 N90 15" Gold colored rims

    Set of 4 N90 15" rims original gold paint with only 30,000 miles. These are in great condition. I was going to put them on my 1981 z28 but never got around to it. I bought these on ebay 10 years ago and have been in storage since. Minor Blemishes on each rim. Looking to get what I paid. Asking...
  5. 1981gMachine

    1981 specifc brake questions: master, booster?

    So the brakes on my car and dealing with companies has been a headache. I'm in the middle of restoring my car and coming down to the end of the build. Exhaust and brakes are the last 2 big items. My car is a 1981 Berlinetta with disc front, drum rear but the rear is a 12 bolt from a 68 Camaro...
  6. J

    1981 rear end questions

    This might not be the right place to ask this, but oh well. I have a 1981 camaro sport coupe with a 2.73:1 3 series 8.5 rear end. How do I know how many splines I have without physically counting them? And then if I want a 3.42:1 with posi aftermarket, would it just go in without modification or...
  7. M

    Excellent '81 complete subframe with premium parts

    For sale is a complete subframe removed from my '81 Camaro. Since this car was originally a CA/NV car, later a show car, and never driven in snow, it is in excellent condition with no significant rust and minimal corrosion. All 4 mounting holes are perfect. My pics show it as-removed with no...
  8. J

    Blinker problems

    Hey, my 1981 sport coupe with all 1980 wiring harnesses is giving me troubles. (I’ve swapped a 305 that doesn’t need ECM and removed the ECM itself) so the problem is as such, my hazards work perfectly fine, no problems (even the markers flash) but neither right nor left blinkers work, I’ve...
  9. R

    1981 Camaro Berlinetta black or gold?

    Hi guys, So I recently began rebuilding a 1981 Camaro Berlinetta. I have pulled the interior (beige and brown) and the engine and sent the car to the body shop to get painted. I have narrowed my paint choices down to either black or gold. Any thoughts on which one I should choose?
  10. Austin Frazier

    1981 interior color opinions

    This is the interior of my 81, i don't think its too bad looking but the door panels are falling apart and i am considering changing up the color/color scheme of the whole interior. The seats have custom covers that are embroidered on the head rest. I was considering going all black, but i also...
  11. J

    1981 Z28 T-Top 4-Speed Camaro

    150,xxx miles on engine No Rust on Body T-Tops (No leaks) 4 Speed ORIGINAL 305 engine Power Windows Matching Rims Forest Green Color (Repainted) Upgraded Radio Text Offers or for more information 1-262-391-5020
  12. connorbe

    15x10 All Around Fitment...

    Hey Guys, First time posting here, let me say, this forum is immensely helpful. I've been working on my 1981 z28 for the past month or so and I frequent the site daily, always finding answers to any question I may have. I've obsessively scoured the wheel/tire combo threads, tire calculators...
  13. 7.62fmj

    1981 parasitic drain

    So my battery has been discharging (yes, I read the tracing a drain sticky). Yesterday I had a little time to play with the multimeter and got the following readings: 12.35V with ignition off 14.55V idling 14.7-14.9V under throttle 13.9V idling under load (headlights only) 26.9 AC idling 12.9...
  14. Austin Frazier

    New gauges for my 81 z28

    Hello, first time posting on the site, i've got a 81 z28 and im in desperate need of new gauges. I do not want digital as they are too expensive and way beyond me as far as installation goes. I am stuck between buying a used gauge cluster off of ebay for like $200 or going for autometer z series...
  15. tjmugg

    1981 Z28 rolling chassis ready for paint

    Car is clean inside and out. Has new floor pan. Perfect car to build on. Have all paperwork. Located in CT. Email me at [email protected]. Asking $ 1,500.00 Have other parts.
  16. CarJunky81

    81 Berlinetta #NeverGoingToGetFinished Restomod

    Hello everyone! first time poster long time scroll er. Iv been sitting on this car for 12 years roughly. The # is something that was given to the car because of how long iv had it. 12 years ago it had a 283 that blew then a 350 went in and that had a bent crank so it sat. Then sat some more...
  17. speedometer


  18. Sean's '81

    Sean's '81

    This is my '81 Camaro when I finally got her home from Iowa.
  19. My Blue '81 - Before

    My Blue '81 - Before

    Surface rust galore!
  20. My Blue '81 - Before

    My Blue '81 - Before

    Going to look great when done.