1. JOEY72camaro

    Engine decoded? 327? or 350?

    Hey is there a way to tell if an engine is a 327 or 350? engine code 3970010 when I look it up comes back as 327 or 350 is there any way to tell if its a 327 or 350?
  2. A

    3914678 Casting Code

    So I'm looking into purchasing this block for a build and want to see if I can get some help identifying the engine. Other numbers I have are 18N346181 and VII13MA. Any help would be appreciated ty
  3. Sabelstrom

    Pick cam, torque converter, rear axle ratio for my double hump 327?

    Hi I live in Sweden and just bought my second 327 and need some inputs about some upgrades. Block specs: GM 3782870. Date May 27 1965 (E275). Flint June 14 1965 (VIN F0614EA). Line honed. Crankshaft milled 10/20 and balanced. New standard pistons and piston rings. New main bearings, rod...
  4. Sabelstrom

    Heads? Flotek 180cc or Edelbrock E-Street 185cc for my 327?

    Hi. I have some questions about upgrading my 327. It’s a very small budget upgrade (or as small as it can get). Is this a working setup for fun street driving? A former owner have change bore and pistons to 4.030 in. Pistons: Flat with four small valve reliefs. The pistons deck clearance...
  5. Russ Morman

    Identifying a 327 Casting Number and Block Code

    Hello! I have been looking through here and figured MOST of this out. 3782870 is a 62-67 327 car & Truck 2-bolt I believe the block code is F0I2675 or F0I267S???? F= flint mi. Engine plant OI =January 26 = 26th day of the month Can anybody make out the rest of the block code? And, not...
  6. Seths327Fastback

    327 Engine Build

    Sorry for anyone who was part of my very first post about the engine going into a '68 Fastback Mustang, Its still going into that car but wanted to simplify the title to get more views. Buckle up... this is a long read. SORRY LOL. Car: As said the 327 is going into a 1968 Mustang Fastback, will...
  7. Seths327Fastback

    Desktop Dyno anyone? 327 Small Journal in a '68 Fastback mustang!

    Some of y'all are going to hate me, some of y'all 'll love me. My name is Seth and I am new to the forum, I live in North Carolina and am a sophomore high school. I love cars and am currently in the process of stripping down an old '63 Small Journal 327 SB Chevy. I am a Chevy guy but, a friend...
  8. '71StreetZ

    383 Stroker? Engine rebuild

    Hello all I have a 327 in my 71 right now which will need new piston rings soon as far as I can tell it’s a large journal 4 bolt main block but I haven’t cracked it open yet and I am deciding on whether or not to rebuild it with a 383 stroker crank and new lifters while I’m putting rings in it...

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