1. Fume

    383 Stroker Recommendations

    Hey all, Finally going to turn my SBC 350 into a 383 Stroker, I've been researching it for a while but still not sure about the combinations. It is going to be a Street/Strip Build, looking for a cam and head combination that would be comfortable to cruise in and be killer in the strip. Not...
  2. JOEY72camaro

    Engine decoded? 327? or 350?

    Hey is there a way to tell if an engine is a 327 or 350? engine code 3970010 when I look it up comes back as 327 or 350 is there any way to tell if its a 327 or 350?
  3. J

    Figuring out what I'm working with - 3970014

    I have a 1957 Chevy that I am slowly improving. It's a four-door sedan, which means it'll never be worth a ton. So I'm trying to be cost-effective in everything I do. I would like it to be fun to drive, and reliable on pump gas. I have only driven it short distances while working on things like...
  4. B

    Backfire and no secondaries

    Hello everyone. I'm new here and hoping for some input. I've just purchased a 1980 Camaro with customizations. It has a 350 4 bolt main, mild cam, Vortech heads, Holly carb (search of stamped number says Avenger 670) and Holley fuel pump. Hydraulic lifters, roller rockers. It sounds as feels...
  5. JOEY72camaro

    Engine Sitting Crooked??

    Hey I have 72 camaro I bought the clam shells for it but it sits high on the drivers side had to drill new holes in the subframe to get the drivers side clam shell to work but the other side worked fine. Old owner said the engine came out of a truck does that mean my engine mounts are wrong for...
  6. Spanky McWeasel

    A newbie writes... Again -- poor idling, running rich

    Hey there again, folks! Been a while, but I've been putting this off for some time whilst attending to stuff I can do, e.g. bits of interior trim, etc. Some of you may recall I bought my '71 back in March and it arrived here in the Med at the beginning of May. It was tricky to start and was...
  7. F

    SMOG HELP! 1978 Camaro 350 TH350 transmission

    Hey everyone, new here to these forums. I have a 1978 Camaro with a SBC 350 rebuilt but basically stock, 4-barrel carburetor, TH350 transmission, and no exhaust besides stock GM exhuast manifolds. I live in California so smog here is super strict, I don't want to ditch my car or sell it for a...
  8. A

    3914678 Casting Code

    So I'm looking into purchasing this block for a build and want to see if I can get some help identifying the engine. Other numbers I have are 18N346181 and VII13MA. Any help would be appreciated ty
  9. N

    The right camshaft

    So I have a 350 that has the stock short block, but I will be running double hump 882 heads, with an Edelbrock Performer intake, 750 cfm quadrajet, headers with 2.5 in dual exhaust and the stock torque converter and 3:42 rear gearing. I’m looking for the best hydraulic flat tappet I can get to...
  10. F


    I have recently installed a crate 350 and a new th350 in my car. I'm a bit confused on how I'm supposed to break in the cam in my engine with a new trans. Is there a certain amount of trans fluid y'all put in before starting the engine? The instructions from TCI says I'm supposed to go through...
  11. Jhboy10

    Is my car running what it should? Engine build thoughts?

    Hey y'all, Second time posting here I hope this is the right place, I thought I'd see what you're opinions are on my times and what I could do to get faster. I tried to keep it mild enough to drive 100 miles round trip to work a couple times a week. Y'all think I went too mild? 1973 Z28 4 bolt...
  12. Z-Life

    Chevrolet Announces The Return Of The Small-Block 350 To Production

    No, this isn’t clickbait, it’s not April 1, and no, we aren’t talking about some aftermarket crate engine. This is a legitimate, original Gen-1 small-block Chevy engine, from the GM factory. It’s being produced again as a service replacement engine in the Springfield, Missouri plant. The...
  13. D

    Rebuilt 350 Oil Choice

    Hi, I know this is gonna be a newbie question, but the so called experts make me lose sight of the trees because of the forest. I got a rebuild 1st gen 350 which ran in with a 20w50 kendall gt1 oil and and extra addictive. ( recommended by the rebuilt company ) Now I am just wondering if an...
  14. Shruted It

    Trouble in Identifying my SBC

    Hi All, Looking for some expertise on decoding my engine. Based off of the casting #s, I think its a 1969 L48 SBC 350. According to the front ID (left of the timing chain cover) it says its a 300hp L48 from maybe a '69 Camaro or Vette. But according to the block casting near the firewall it...
  15. DBinSD

    SBC 1-⅞" Sq Port headers W/ straight plugs HELP !

    Hi all, newbie to the forums and Nasty Z28 but, glad I found it! I have a motor for my 71 Camaro that needs headers with 1-⅞ square ports w/ straight plugs. I am having a hard time finding headers to fit the car. Any help is much appreciated. thank you
  16. JOEY72camaro

    2.73 to 3.08 gears?

    Was wonder what kinda of a difference it would make or any at all its just a stock 350 with th350 plan on taking it on trips on the freeway sometimes too What would my rpms and speed be with 3.08 gears?
  17. S

    What Engine to go with?

    I'm restoring my 1980 fully loaded Z28 350 LM1 with TH350 3 speed Auto. I'm second owner, have had it since 1989. Goal is to keep it close to original, but it doesn't have the original engine only the tranny. My attempts to find an era correct CHA block have been futile, so I'm thinking about...
  18. delocamaro64

    454 swap?

    Hey guys! So this summer I blew up the 350 that was in my 79 Z. I'm trying to figure out how to go about getting her back on the road by spring. Was thinking I would have the 350 rebuilt, but the engine shop offered to sell me a 454 that they have for the same as they would charge to do a...
  19. sg76lt

    Clearing out garage! Th-350 and th-400 for sale

    I am selling a th350 out of my 76 camaro -82000miles no issues. (Swapped the car to a 4 speed manual) I am also selling a th400 from a 77 suburban (short tail shaft) 74000 miles no issues. I have a b and m 2200-2400 stall torquemaster converter that can be included with either trans. (Whoever...
  20. redriderjf87

    SBC + TKO mpg

    Not going to lie, lately I've been looking for every excuse to go with an LS motor (may still do it eventually), but I was pleasantly surprised to get just over 22 mpg out of the small block on the way up to Good Guys last weekend. Had no idea that was possible from an old Gen 1 :screwup: Was...

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