1. sg76lt

    Clearing out garage! Th-350 and th-400 for sale

    I am selling a th350 out of my 76 camaro -82000miles no issues. (Swapped the car to a 4 speed manual) I am also selling a th400 from a 77 suburban (short tail shaft) 74000 miles no issues. I have a b and m 2200-2400 stall torquemaster converter that can be included with either trans. (Whoever...
  2. redriderjf87

    SBC + TKO mpg

    Not going to lie, lately I've been looking for every excuse to go with an LS motor (may still do it eventually), but I was pleasantly surprised to get just over 22 mpg out of the small block on the way up to Good Guys last weekend. Had no idea that was possible from an old Gen 1 :screwup: Was...
  3. X

    Original TH350 to T56 Swap

    Hey everyone, I've got a 1979 Camaro Berlinetta. I'll give you all a list of what is currently installed on the car. The Original TH350 with some sort of shift kit. A Chevy 350 with a mild-ish cam, Edelbrock RPM Dual Plane Intake, Edelbrock 650 Carb, and Dart Iron Eagle SS heads. Original 10...
  4. D

    1976 Chevy Camaro - (Aurora Colorado)

    SOLD ****1976 Camaro. This car was a project of swapping in a reconditioned 350 V-8, that was never completed. Still have a set of good tires for it. Car has an automatic transmission. It is in non-running condition, since the engine swap has not yet been completed. Needs to have the carb and...
  5. K

    Acceptable cylinder tolerances

    Hello, new to the forum and I've been searching around for an answer to my question and can't find one. I have a sbc 350 that was bored .040 over and the cylinders are wallowed out .003 I'm assuming from pistons rocking back and forth because they're 4.040 one way and 4.043 the other. What is my...
  6. F

    What do I need to upgrade?

    Hello, This will be my first build, I just got a 1981 Camaro and have some money to spend. I'm looking for the 500-600hp range. I did some research on some setups and wanted to confirm with people much more knowlegdable then me if I have a workable setup. 383 Stroker Crate Engine...
  7. A

    1981 Chevy 350 engine code help

    The vin code stamped on the passenger side in front of the engine head reads out 12R602432 T0612CKD, but I can't seem to find anything on it. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. C

    Max valve lift for my heads?

    with a 350 small block that was assembled and installed over 10 years ago. I wasn't given the specs of the heads, camshaft, etc. I've revently been wanting to upgrade the camshaft, but I do not know the maximum valve lift for the heads that I have. The casting numbers on them are 397041 with...
  9. ctopic373

    1980 Z28.. my first car

    So i finally decided to post my story, a few minutes down the road a guy had a 1980 z28 that me and my dad always have driven by since i was a kid and joked about him selling it for cheap and buying it. Than one day just out of luck my family was driving by to go to a family event and we passed...
  10. CamaroGords 1980 Camaro

    CamaroGords 1980 Camaro

    This is my Berlinetta, mint condition interior, bought it bone stock a few years back
  11. Mike's '81

    Mike's '81

  12. 039


    after 25yrs, just put a battery in and gas..... and she runs again
  13. 1979 camaro

    1979 camaro

    my 16th bday present. 1979 camaro. turned into a project car for me and my dad, loved doing alot of the work, learned a lot about cars and now im addicted to them! still more work to be done... but when is the work really ever "done" when you are hot rodding haha. hope you guys like it!!
  14. 1979 camaro sb 360

    1979 camaro sb 360

    V8 350 sb, bored over to a 360. all new under the hood. holley carb+edelbrock intake, new cam, AC deletion kit, new radiator+custom fan shroud, new headers+flowmaster 40's, the list goes on.. enjoy!
  15. 100_0833


    removed Rally wheels and added Z28 wheels

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