1. D

    Dash fuse, 79 firebird non T/A cluster.

    The title pretty much says it all, im having a pretty terrible time with my dash light fuse and had hoped to do some more night cruising. Im currently saving for a dakota digital one and hope to have it soon. I also have the idiot lights just taken out of their sockets but never put the plugs...
  2. D

    Electrical gremlins, 79 Firebird Esprit

    I'm having a time with my 79 firebird on the electrical system. I've tried finding others with the same problem as mine but turned up nothing. I lost my dash lights and taillights but my headlights work (all 4 of them) I've replaced the switch and the dash fuse. Am I using a wrong fuse? Is this...
  3. Nodus

    confused about tire side profile

    I just ordered some new 17x7 front and 17x8 rears for my 79 Z28 and was wondering about tire sizes, i'm looking at some 245/45/17's for rear and somewhere in the range of 205-235 for the front but i'm confused about sidewall size, a lot of tires I'm seeing are 40 or 45, isnt that rating just for...
  4. 79_maro

    79 Maro, LED Turn Signal Lights Not Flashing

    I just bought LED turn signal bulbs for my 79 Camaro and for some reason they're not flashing. I did some research and found out it could be because of the turn signal flasher and that I may need a specific flasher? If someone could leave a link that'd be great. Just need some confirmation as to...
  5. MY BLUE 79

    MY BLUE 79

    Droppin in the powerhouse
  6. 79 Z28

    79 Z28

    Drag car, 492HP 383 with Keith Black hypereutectic pistons, 280S Solid Comp Cam, Trick Flow Twisted wedge heads, Edelbrock Victor Jr. Intake, Holley 850 Double pumper, Hedman headers, 4800 Competion Transmissions stall converter, Larry Keene Th-350, 10-bolt rear with 4.10 gears, a Strange spool...
  7. Domobomb


    My '79 Z28 Bought it last year. It is my first car.
  8. My Camaro's

    My Camaro's

    In my 79 Z28 new vortec heads, scorpion roller rockers,voodoo cam & lifters
  9. pre-bodywork


    Pass side. Weld's make anything look good! Soon to be replaced with TT 2's.
  10. pre-bodywork


    Driver's side, fenders were hung in '05
  11. pre-bodywork


    thats a quarter, just for visual
  12. 79z


    very clean 79z For sale? maybe. NW Ohio
  13. Front View

    Front View

  14. Engine Bay

    Engine Bay

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