1. buckshot815

    1976 A/C Hose Manifold, Original, Used

    This is an original, used, 1976 A/C Hose with integrated manifold for a factory A/C car. It seems to be in good condition, and has been in a dust free enclosure since removed, but you should still make sure it is clean before use. The threads are great as pictured, and the rubber seems...
  2. S

    Pandemic A/C search for parts

    I used to have an auto shop (and a 71 Camaro with A/C) and years later, I was able to find a 73 LT with a 350 that used to have A/C. My problem is, ordering a complete A/C system (retro air, vintage air, old air, etc.) is still a pandemic 2-3 month wait according to most of the part houses I've...
  3. sladeballz

    A/C delete firewall panel

    1970 camaro. Want to delete the factory a/c but retain the factory heat and heater hoses. Can someone recommend an a/c delete firewall panel that'll work? The Detroit Speed panel doesn't appear to be heater hose friendly...
  4. Snowman59

    Power Steering bracket issue while converting A/C from R12 to R134a

    Hello everyone – I’m in the process of converting my 79 Camaro A/C from an R12 to an R134a system, and hoping that I can hear some of the experiences that you have had in doing the same. I purchased a kit from Original Air Group, which includes a compressor mounting bracket #119L made by Alan...
  5. M

    1970 parts wanted... A/C hose bracket, horns, seat belts...

    I/m looking for an A/C hose bracket that secures the hose on the right inner fender. It will be for my 1970 but I'm not sure what other years used the same bracket. The assembly manual says the part number is 3973725. I could also use a pair of functioning horns and front shoulder belts. Any...
  6. M

    Dash, lower vents

    Is anyone familiar with the lower dash vents on A/C cars? Mine is a '70 and has the valves to close off the vents. Does anyone know if the shut off valves were an option on all years or if this was only available on certain years or models? I am going to be looking into getting nicer vents, but...
  7. M

    Lap vents

    Can anyone tell me about the lower dash lap vents, particularly a 1970. What cars had them and what years are the same. They were missing in my car but I would like to find some and put them in when it goes back together. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  8. M

    1970 heater/ A/C housing seals?

    Does anyone know where to find replacement seals for the heater and A/C housings? Does anyone make a seal kit? I'm not having much luck finding anything. This is for a 1970 Camaro. Any help appreciated!
  9. R

    HELP! Heater box question

    Hi, I'm in the process of creating my 71. Currently I am planning on running a Mark IV, 454 I would like to use the factory a/c. Is the heater box (under the hood) the same for small block and big block? Will a heater box from a 350 fit with the big block? All help is appreciated...
  10. A

    Need help getting AC in my 71 Camaro

    Hey guys I need a little help, I have a 71 camaro i just recently started working on for the first time and have run into a little snag. I am going be putting in an LS3 engine and plan on buying a pull out with the complete engine and transmission including AC compressor. I been doing some...
  11. F

    New Central Air Conditioning Advice Wanted

    My parents are going to replace their Carrier A/C units that were installed when the home was constructed in 1990. The upstairs unit has a cracked heat exchanger and the downstairs unit looks to be in bad condition with a lot of rust in that unit's heat exchanger. The current A/C unit is not a...