1. S

    Pandemic A/C search for parts

    I used to have an auto shop (and a 71 Camaro with A/C) and years later, I was able to find a 73 LT with a 350 that used to have A/C. My problem is, ordering a complete A/C system (retro air, vintage air, old air, etc.) is still a pandemic 2-3 month wait according to most of the part houses I've...
  2. Z

    AC Schematics for 1981 Z28

    Anyone have air conditioning system schematics for a 1981 Z28? I've replaced the compressor and not getting any power to it or the other valves. I've checked all the fuses and they're good.
  3. S

    1971 Camaro Z28 LS Swap

    Hello, I am thinking of doing a LS swap on a 1971 Camaro Z28 and I was wondering how I should tackle the accessory drive, Will I use the stock Power steering pump and/or A/C unit or will I need to use modern stuff, or would it be better just to paint and rebuild and bore the old 350 for...
  4. bondora68

    Selling some 71 Camaro stuff..

    I have a few things that I’m sure someone could use: 74-81 rear spoiler ends, in decent shape..$50 plus shipping. GM Low profile 70, 71 rear spoiler, good shape..Sold
  5. M

    79 z28 Ac Delete

    I have a 79 z28 and I just removed the whole ac and heater and welded a piece of sheet metal in the big hole in the firewall. Now I’m left with a big cluster of wires am I able to remove them or what should I do with them. Thanks
  6. M

    1970 parts wanted... A/C hose bracket, horns, seat belts...

    I/m looking for an A/C hose bracket that secures the hose on the right inner fender. It will be for my 1970 but I'm not sure what other years used the same bracket. The assembly manual says the part number is 3973725. I could also use a pair of functioning horns and front shoulder belts. Any...
  7. M

    Lap vents

    Can anyone tell me about the lower dash lap vents, particularly a 1970. What cars had them and what years are the same. They were missing in my car but I would like to find some and put them in when it goes back together. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  8. cbeasley

    Serpentine setup and what cars to get them from!

    So I've been seaching through countless threads and think this needs its own more helpful thread. Basically better info on what cars to look for at junkyards to pull the setup from and what is all needed. I saw tons people saying they use third gen Camaro setups and one person saying s10 with...
  9. T

    Looking for 1978 Complete AC

    Hey guys, I'm new to this thread but finally have some time to work on restoring my 1978 camaro. I'm missing some parts due to previous owner taking off AC for some reason. Does anyone have an old AC they removed and don't want anymore? Thanks Tomas
  10. Z

    Harrison AC date decode

    I was trying to sell a complete AC system that I took off a 72 car. But the buyer told me the POA valve was for a later car. So now I am confused. How do I decode these decals on compressor and Suitcase?
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