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  1. S

    Pandemic A/C search for parts

    I used to have an auto shop (and a 71 Camaro with A/C) and years later, I was able to find a 73 LT with a 350 that used to have A/C. My problem is, ordering a complete A/C system (retro air, vintage air, old air, etc.) is still a pandemic 2-3 month wait according to most of the part houses I've...
  2. Hobart

    Heater box to defroster vent issues

    Hi guys. I'm working on a 1980 Z28 that is a project car my friend and I own, and we got it partially disassembled. It has been a bit bastardized. Among the issues is putting together the heat and defrost assembly. This car was originally an AC car, but someone took the AC out and installed...
  3. X

    A/C Compressor Will not Seal

    Hi everyone, I am kind of at the end of my rope here with the A/C System on my 1979 Camaro. About two years ago I replaced my A/C Compressor after it exploded. I went with the aluminum version of the compressor. When I first installed it, I used both the green o rings and black/aluminum seals...
  4. Z

    Looking for factory A/C photos

    Hi Was wondering if someone with an intact factory A/C system could send me a photo of a specific area. My GM service manual states that there should be some sort of insulation wrapped around the capillary tube (small tube that comes from the thermostat switch, aka Ranco switch) where the tube...
  5. F

    Automobile Fuses and Corrosion

    One of my car's air conditioning suddenly stopped working. I thought it may need a new blower motor because the compressor never stopped working and I could feel cold air seeping out of the A/C vents. My first thoughts were a blown fuse or a broken blower motor. Today, I opened the fuse panel...
  6. Z

    Replacement A/C Condenser

    Can anyone recommend a company that sells a replacement Air Conditioning Condenser for my 1981 Camaro Z/28, 305CID, 4speed. It has original equipment A/C and I am replacing all the A/C components. I've found all the parts BUT the condenser. I'm looking for a new unit from a company.
  7. T

    Looking for 1978 Complete AC

    Hey guys, I'm new to this thread but finally have some time to work on restoring my 1978 camaro. I'm missing some parts due to previous owner taking off AC for some reason. Does anyone have an old AC they removed and don't want anymore? Thanks Tomas
  8. A

    Need help getting AC in my 71 Camaro

    Hey guys I need a little help, I have a 71 camaro i just recently started working on for the first time and have run into a little snag. I am going be putting in an LS3 engine and plan on buying a pull out with the complete engine and transmission including AC compressor. I been doing some...
  9. Z

    Harrison AC date decode

    I was trying to sell a complete AC system that I took off a 72 car. But the buyer told me the POA valve was for a later car. So now I am confused. How do I decode these decals on compressor and Suitcase?
  10. F

    New Central Air Conditioning Advice Wanted

    My parents are going to replace their Carrier A/C units that were installed when the home was constructed in 1990. The upstairs unit has a cracked heat exchanger and the downstairs unit looks to be in bad condition with a lot of rust in that unit's heat exchanger. The current A/C unit is not a...

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