big block

  1. J

    Looking for a 70 4 speed L34 Distributor 1111999 date code A OR B 70, What's out there?

    In Need of a 70 Camaro or Chevelle L34 4 speed Distributor 1111999, Refuse to pay the Crazy prices on Ebay,Can anybody help? 608-577-8871 Jeff
  2. 7.62fmj

    454 Big Block Parts, NE FL

    Located in 32221, pickup or buyer pays shipping. Upload pics when I get a chance, until then here's the fb market listing 454 parts will sell separate or all for $800 obo. Was going to build a 496, but decided to go with a Dart block so...
  3. AZsplit

    454 crankshaft

    Any AZ local have a spare 454 crank (going in 78 block) for cheap? Local shops are crazy expensive.
  4. F

    Chevrolet vs Ford and Chrysler Corporations Video

    I enjoyed watching this video and wanted to share with others. I love the drag race. What do you think about this comparison? I have the impression that the Chevrolet "Big Block" engines are gas-hogs compared to other large displacement V8 engines. Am I wrong?
  5. delocamaro64

    454 swap?

    Hey guys! So this summer I blew up the 350 that was in my 79 Z. I'm trying to figure out how to go about getting her back on the road by spring. Was thinking I would have the 350 rebuilt, but the engine shop offered to sell me a 454 that they have for the same as they would charge to do a...
  6. Drag U

    1971 Camaro

    1971 Camaro located in Saint Louis MO. Forged 496 Big Block with cast iron oval port heads, custom grind cam, 1050 Holley carb, forged JE stroker kit. BTE bracket race powerglide with trans brake and 3600 custom convertor. Full interior stock with the exception of 5th gen fron seats. Has a...
  7. 7

    Under hood clearance

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone here has any information on the under hood clearance on a 71 Camaro. I've read that the Edelbrock RPM performer and Edelbrock RPM air gap manifold won't fit under the standard hood. I've also found it hard to find any information on manifold, carb, air...
  8. C

    brodix Sr20 heads

    I have a 1970 and was wondering if anybody on here has a big block with Brodix sr20 heads on it and what challenges with header fitment they had?
  9. F

    Original Big Block Car Price

    Take a look at this Craigslist ad and tell me what you think this 454 car is worth in today's old car market. The trunk has a spot about the size of a quarter that is rusted through and the car was factory equipped with a vinyl top.
  10. Mike Busutil

    Pulley system for a Supercharged Big Block?

    I am currently using this beautiful polished Ultra Drive serpentine system by "March" on my 540 Big Block. But I have plans to update the engine with an 8-71 supercharger and am looking for a new pulley system that will fit since I am told my current pulley system will not work with an 8-71...
  11. C

    Racing engine build

    I currently have a 79 z28 Camaro that I have been drag racing a few years, now. It currently has a decent 355 in it right now. I am wanting to slowly build my dream blower motor and drop it in the Z when it is finished. My dream motor since I was young was to have a blower sticking out of the...
  12. O

    Original '70 454 high horsepower?

    I have a 454 I got for a trade recently and am going to drop this into my 77 camaro, but I'm still trying to figure out what it is.? -Block number is 3963512 -Vin number is T1008CGU -Partial Vin is 10R1153 Here is where I'm very confused, drive head is a 336781 head dated "D 7 76" but the...

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