1. GetMore

    Shell for sale, Greene County NY

    Gaging interest: 1980 Camaro V6 shell, located in Purling, NY. I've been holding onto this for much too long, and it is time to sell. I have moved out of the area, so the car was moved from storage and left outside a year ago. Pictures are from the end of July. I still need to clean it out, so...
  2. JOEY72camaro

    Body bushings metal vs polyurethane?

    Was wonder if anyone has used any of them I need new body bushings and I was thinking about going with metal because that has 3 different height settings I like the way the car sits right now would poly body bushings make the car raise up any or would the height stay the same?
  3. giggity

    Finally getting into bodywork

    I have been patiently waiting(not really) for a friend of mine to get me access to a dustless blasting machine. Its finally going to happen, but in spurts. Saturday I plan to take the doors, hood, trunk lid, front upper and lower valences. Then Ill have to reschedule to get the car over to...
  4. ChevyPete

    Header panel question

    Hello all I'm new here so forgive me for posting in the wrong area. The pictures you see here are of my 1976 camaro my first car and was wondering the piece that is broken is it repairable? Can I use epoxy or fiberglass resin? If it is repairable can someone walk me through how to fix it where...
  5. giggity

    pre-paint busy work questions

    Something I've been going over and over is pre-paint steps. I've searched and come up with a hodge podge of things to do, but I'm not entirely sure of the order. I'm trying to get a game plan down on paper and move forward with this. The logistics are stalling me. Things i'm looking at. 1...
  6. A

    New to body work

    I just bought a 79 camaro and have come to realize that most of the rear quarters are bondo not much metal. I'm planning on replacing both rear quarters and the complete floor pan. My question is, I want to strip this car down and see what other problems in the metal maybe hiding, but I don't...
  7. V

    Converting 80 to 74-77 tail lights

    Hi guys I'm a new member. I have searched for hours on end trying to find the details on this but haven't found much. If someone could give some help it would be GREAT! I am looking to change my taillights on my 80 camaro to the 74-77 tail lights. The tail panel for the 74-77 looks very similar...
  8. C

    Goodmark or AMD

    Has anyone heard if Goodmark or AMD is going to make a complete body shell for a 70-73 camaro?
  9. JOEY72camaro

    Bare metal whats next?

    Hey looking for some recommendations on car primers. The car is sanded down to bare metal I was going to just spray automotive sandable primer and body work
  10. Scamp1978

    What color for a rough 2nd gen camaro?

    I've been doing body work on my camaro for a few months now, and it's been more like surgery, both rear quarters had to be replaced, parts of the front fenders, floor pans, all of it. After duraglass and Bondo sanding i've realized the car isn't going to be perfect. The car was originally black...
  11. tjmugg

    1981 Z28 rolling chassis ready for paint

    Car is clean inside and out. Has new floor pan. Perfect car to build on. Have all paperwork. Located in CT. Email me at [email protected]. Asking $ 1,500.00 Have other parts.
  12. Z

    Body Bushings

    I was looking into getting some new body bushings for my 76 Camaro, and was wondering what some of you prefer. If at all possible gimme some pictures of them installed to go with suggestions too.
  13. giggity

    Anyone in Houston needing to soda blasted anything ?

    Ive been trying to find a source to do some soda blasting, and I found a company that has the entire setup that you can rent for 400 bucks, and all I have to buy is gas, and media. which would be around 250 bucks. I was wondering if any members here need to soda blast anything and would be...

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