1. 7

    79 Camaro Emergency brake

    Hey guys, currently restoring a 79 Camaro. My E-brake keeps sliding back. If I pull the E-brake handle nothing happens I have to manually move the pedal up toward me to disengage it but it'll slowly slide back and re-engage. My not sure if it's one of the cables that run underneath or if the...
  2. D

    1981 Camaro No Brake or Taillights

    Hey guys! Just bought this car and working through the kinks to be roadworthy. My current issue is my brake lights. I have no brake lights, no power to the plugs. I have no tail lights with the headlights on either. I do have turn signals and headlights. I checked the brake pedal switch and it...
  3. 1981Camaroz28Bayarea

    Tail light issue PLEASE HELP

    Hello all, My new 1981 Camaro z28 has headlights opperating, but no rear lights on at all, no brake lights. What is the typical issue after checking bulbs obviously on this car? Wiring? Switch? Relay? Circuit? Have you all seen this before, based on google sesrch seems to be an ongoing issie for...
  4. cannon11495

    Brake Rebuild Questions

    So after 7 years of my 77 Camaro being in storage I finally got everything ready to do a test drive. On my test drive I realized I have almost zero brake pedal, it barely catches right at the end. So I take it home and start to try to bleed the brakes, long story short I couldn't get brake fluid...
  5. 7

    Wilwood Rear Brake Kit

    $500 shipped in the lower 48. For sale is a Wilwood 140-2112-B Forged Dynalite Pro Series Rear Disc Brake Kit. This was installed but never used. Long story short, my project stalled years ago but I am back into it now and am making some rear axle changes, namely different housing ends and...
  6. Floydwillweather

    76' Camaro Spindle

    Years of brake changes have stripped the threads on my stock spindles. I am wondering if a 1974 Spindle will be a direct stock height replacement, or will I have to attempt to find a used one. No retailer offers one that will not drop my front end some degrees.
  7. F

    Coolant & Brake Fluid Test Strips

    Has anyone used these test strips to check the condition of their car's coolant and brake fluid...
  8. 70lt1z28

    ISO 5470125 5470126 Brake calipers

    Looking for a Feb-March dated set of 1970 front calipers in good, rebuildable condition. Thanks, Dave
  9. F

    Brake Job Costs?

    This morning I had both rear rotors replaced and new Wagner TQ pads installed for a total cost of $169.00. The rotors had an Auto Xtra ProStop label. Does that price seem reasonable to you?
  10. connorbe

    Mystery brake line question...

    I'm currently replacing my brake booster and master cylinder, and upon removing the driver's side inner fender well I found this brake line that's just open. The reason I'm replacing these parts is because the MC was leaking, and I thought that was the source of brake fluid on the frame rails...

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