1. W

    Stock Height Spindle

    Where would I be able to find a stock height spindle for a '76. Classic Industries hasn't been in stock for years. I'll pay good if someone has an extra pair here. Thanks!
  2. M

    Brake rotor stuck

    What would cause the brake rotor not to turn when installing an new caliper and pads? But if I use the old caliper and the new pads the rotor turns freely. thanks
  3. Robert M Mrozek

    Looped Brake Lines from Prop Valve

    Question for the group. 1970 Camaro. I have a shop completing a Wilwood disk conversion for me including a new Wilwood master cylinder and adjustable prop valve. Also had them replace all the brake lines. They replaced the hard lines with stock replacements which includes the double loops coming...
  4. ChevyPete

    Can not get Brake Pressure

    Let me just start off by saying I ordered a vacuum gauge and its on its way. So i have a 76 350 4 barrel holly that came with an aftermarket intake other than that the motor is a mystery with discs in front drums in rear that I daily spring, summer, and fall and the brakes went out on it turns...
  5. Z

    Brake warning light

    Just got my restoration project moving under its own power. Completely new, stock configuration brake system on a 78 Z28. The brake warning light comes on if I step on the brake pedal hard enough. If I press it slowly it won’t come on. It’s not the parking brake switch as I’ve disconnected it...
  6. F

    Lube Your Brakes

    I had new rear brake rotors and pads installed on my Toyota Tundra a few weeks ago and the technician found one of the slider pins was frozen and caused uneven pad wear. How often should the slider pins be lubed?
  7. VooDoo75

    Rear Disc Brake Conversion

    I Have a 1975 Camaro and installed a SSBC A125 Disc Brake Conversion kit, and passenger side stock cable wont fit, its too short. has any one had the same problem and if so how did you solve this problem. tried and couldnt find anything.
  8. '71StreetZ

    HELP!! Rear drum brakes sticking

    Hey all, my rear drums on my 71 are sticking when I use medium to heavy pedal pressure and don’t release until you pop the bleeders open I’ve replaced the wheel cylinders and checked the lines the master is only 6 months old and all the springs are very strong I don’t know what is cause one the...
  9. 79_maro

    Squeaky Brakes

    So I've had this problem before, where my brakes would squeal when I pump the brakes and won't stop squealing until I stopped. I fixed it originally by putting disc brake quiet on, and it didn't squeak for a solid few months. I'm having this same problem again, where the brakes squeal loudly as...
  10. 7

    Brakes and engine issue (video reference inside)

    Hello to the Nastyz28 community. I have not posted for a couple years probably. I'm trying to get my 78 rallysport 350/th350 back on the road. I have a few minor issues that I'm having a little trouble with. A year or two ago I replaced some key parts to my brake system. Master cylinder, brake...
  11. G

    Questions about suspension and brake rebuild/upgrade.

    Hello, I am going through my rear and front suspension and brakes and I have quite a few questions. This car is mostly street but will be doing some autocross and some drag. 1. I think i'm set on getting global west front coil springs with about one inch lowering, and their multi leaf L-3 with...

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