1. S

    1978 Camaro

    Hey y'all, I'm planning on buying my first ever Camaro, I fell in love with a 1978 camaro LT. Problem is, I'm based in France and from where i live, you don’t see this kinda cars everyday and we have not much info on it. So, i was wondering if you could enlighten me on a few things. What are...
  2. M

    Which gear ratio?

    I have a 78 with a 350 smb th350 transmission. Last year i put 4.10 gears in the car making the jump from 2.73. Before the gear switch this car cruised for hours on end of just driving without the engine screaming, car would hit 120mph no problem. It was an awesome ride, i was just looking for...
  3. C

    1978-81 Fisher N.O.S. T-Top weatherstrips

    I'm cleaning out 40+ years of mostly Camaro stuff and some firebird stuff...mostly 1970-1981...a few small 67-69 pieces..... FOUND: 1978-81 factory Fisher t-roof N.O.S. weatherstrips ...both were in their original boxes ,but one box didn't survive (the part # 20176025) the other box (part...
  4. 1981Camaroz28Bayarea

    Tail light issue PLEASE HELP

    Hello all, My new 1981 Camaro z28 has headlights opperating, but no rear lights on at all, no brake lights. What is the typical issue after checking bulbs obviously on this car? Wiring? Switch? Relay? Circuit? Have you all seen this before, based on google sesrch seems to be an ongoing issie for...
  5. 1981Camaroz28Bayarea

    1981 Camaro z28

    Hello all, My name is Matthew and im in the Sf bay area. Just traded my 1966 Ford Custom for a 1981 Camaro Z28 you see in image above!! Vin code match and real z28. I’ll post some more pics & videos along with this one. Forst off, where can I find the best parts for the price online? What sites...
  6. L

    2nd Gen no dash light

    Hey, to make this short and simple I have a 1978 Z28. I don’t have any dash light. I do have a heater and windshield wiper light on though. Any suggestions? Everything else works fine like the high beam light and turn signals. My buddies say they doubt the bulbs are dead since it’s all the dash ones
  7. JOEY72camaro

    hood release handle?

    This is how I got my camaro but when I put the front grill back on I wont be able to open the latch I have to be missing a piece or is this is the wrong hood latch for a 1972 camaro?
  8. giggity

    1970 Camaro Stock Radio mount and Antenna

    Does anyone have a picture of how the stock radio mounts to framework in dash? I looked in the assembly manual and couldnt find it, I wish that things was indexed properly, pretty sure its in there, just not flipping through pages properly. Also the Antenna wire to windshield, can I buy that...
  9. N

    Take 2 Zs to make 1

  10. PrecisionCustoms

    Best universal fitted seat covers for 1981 size Z28 front seats?

    Hi everyone, thank you in advance. I appreciate you all. I've had my 1981 Z28 since I was 16yrs old when I was making Eagle Scout and now i'm 42 and a 3 time stage-4 cancer survivor. Was able to keep my car alive and garaged while also keeping myself alive and we both made it through with just...
  11. David Muro

    Camaros 78-81 wiring diagram

    Hello everyone! I redid the electrical map of the Camaros 78-81, now it is vectorized in Corel Draw, in A2 size. I tried to put the wires in the correct colors, the drawings were done in the best way I understood. I ask that if anyone sees any errors, let me know so that it can be definitive for...
  12. Danny Whitfield Art

    Personalized Camaro Art Prints from Danny Whitfield

    No longer do you have to settle for a generic version, you rather see your car featured in the print *Fast UPS shipping with a Six-Day Arrival Time *The prints are not pictures or photographs | All artwork is authentic "digitally hand-drawn" by Danny Whitfield *Printed on heavy premium luster...
  13. Joseph Ryan Shammas

    1979 Camaro No Drive, Only Reverse

    Hey guys, i sound like a total noob but im trying to learn more about this stuff and just need somewhere to start. I recently got myself a 79 Berlinetta Camaro, automatic for a really good deal as my first car. It started right up, ran great but the car started to slip. I checked Trans fluid in...
  14. C

    New Member with 70 Z28 RS

    Hi All I'm pretty excited at the moment as I purchased a 70 Z28 RS in Daytona Yellow 4 speed and I hope to pick it up from the shipping company next week :) The car was built and and lived in LA and was last registered in 1986 and has been parked up since then. The carburetor and distributor are...
  15. L

    Kart fiberglass body

    So I bought this Camaro body on marketplace. it has a sticker on the bottom, it’s for a go kart. does anybody know anything about this manufacture I’ve looked but I can’t find anything.
  16. ctopic373

    Mounting location for dakota digital controller

    Hi everyone, i finally got my new rtx gauges in for my 1980 camaro after i ordered them in early april and am starting the install. Where have you guys been installing the controller? Ive seen some people mount it on the steering column bracket, is there anywhere else anyone has installed theirs?
  17. ChevyPete

    Can not get Brake Pressure

    Let me just start off by saying I ordered a vacuum gauge and its on its way. So i have a 76 350 4 barrel holly that came with an aftermarket intake other than that the motor is a mystery with discs in front drums in rear that I daily spring, summer, and fall and the brakes went out on it turns...
  18. S

    1971 Camaro Z28 LS Swap

    Hello, I am thinking of doing a LS swap on a 1971 Camaro Z28 and I was wondering how I should tackle the accessory drive, Will I use the stock Power steering pump and/or A/C unit or will I need to use modern stuff, or would it be better just to paint and rebuild and bore the old 350 for...
  19. JOEY72camaro

    found this in heater box help identify??

    found this in my heater box anyone know what it goes to. If I had to guess it must of fell in from dash vent? But if anyone knows let me know thanks
  20. Batman

    70-73 A-Arm inner pillar trim SOLD!!

    Up for sale is a passenger side A-Arm interior pillar for 1970-1973. This is the metal one, and has been powder coated black. These are not reproduced. $SOLD!!

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