1. Z-Life

    Chevrolet Announces The Return Of The Small-Block 350 To Production

    No, this isn’t clickbait, it’s not April 1, and no, we aren’t talking about some aftermarket crate engine. This is a legitimate, original Gen-1 small-block Chevy engine, from the GM factory. It’s being produced again as a service replacement engine in the Springfield, Missouri plant. The...
  2. F

    1994 Chevrolet Blazer 6.5 Liter Turbo Diesel

    This morning I test drove a diesel Blazer. Anyone ever owned one of these with the 6.5-liter turbo diesel? Does anyone have experience with this particular turbo diesel engine?
  3. F

    All Original 1969 Chevelle SS 396 Value?

    This particular 1969 Chevelle SS 396 was purchased from the dealership that was located two miles from where I was raised. The dealership changed hands and names in 1980 after a fire destroyed the building. What do you think this car is worth in its current original condition? Would you leave...
  4. Bi11

    Camel hump heads, intake, valve covers

    First generation small block Chevy camel hump heads, 1.94 intake-1.5 exhaust, casting number 3782461, removed from mid-60s 327, $75 First generation cast iron four barrel intake, casting number 3866922, removed from same engine, with Rochester carburetor $50 First generation SBC valve covers...
  5. F

    Original Big Block Car Price

    Take a look at this Craigslist ad and tell me what you think this 454 car is worth in today's old car market. The trunk has a spot about the size of a quarter that is rusted through and the car was factory equipped with a vinyl top.
  6. C

    Racing engine build

    I currently have a 79 z28 Camaro that I have been drag racing a few years, now. It currently has a decent 355 in it right now. I am wanting to slowly build my dream blower motor and drop it in the Z when it is finished. My dream motor since I was young was to have a blower sticking out of the...
  7. sliceoflife81

    What kind of horse power and torque am Imaking? ??

    Just had a gen v 454 .060 over built for me with edelbrock rpm performer int, 750cfm holley with stock peanut port 156 heads 118cc open chamber that max at .500 stock valves , 1.7 roller rockers ,218/228 ,.502/.501lift cam 114 lsa ,9.6:1 domed pistons Can some of you pros pleas give me an...
  8. 1979 camaro

    1979 camaro

    my 16th bday present. 1979 camaro. turned into a project car for me and my dad, loved doing alot of the work, learned a lot about cars and now im addicted to them! still more work to be done... but when is the work really ever "done" when you are hot rodding haha. hope you guys like it!!
  9. 1979 camaro sb 360

    1979 camaro sb 360

    V8 350 sb, bored over to a 360. all new under the hood. holley carb+edelbrock intake, new cam, AC deletion kit, new radiator+custom fan shroud, new headers+flowmaster 40's, the list goes on.. enjoy!

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