1. bondora68

    Selling some 71 Camaro stuff..

    I have a few things that I’m sure someone could use: 74-81 rear spoiler ends, in decent shape..$50 plus shipping. GM Low profile 70, 71 rear spoiler, good shape..Sold
  2. JOEY72camaro

    B&M shifter question

    I want to still use my center console and have a ratchet shifter my question is will this b&m shifter fit in the center console hole? Or do they make one for a 1972 camaro center console? does not have to be b&m does anyone make one A auto ratchet shifter for a stock center console I have TH350...
  3. ProjectZ

    Speedo shift indicator question

    I have a 1972 Z/28 with a console/ the shift indicator in the speedo cluster suppose to work with the floor shift? If so, how? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. J

    FS: 2014 Camaro Console, manual

    have for sale a 2014 Camaro Console. It came out of a manual car. The only damage is one clip was broken off when I rec'd it. See the picutres. It has been expoxied back on. I am selling because I just can not get this to fit with my shifter. My shifter is a Hurst Rachet shifter and the...
  5. 70lt1z28

    1970-72 console black gloss level

    Working on restoring my 1970 console. What is the gloss of black on the console? Mine currently is a pretty glossy black. I have the SEM Landau black that folks seem to like for interior refinishing, but it looks a bit too flat compared to what I have seen on consoles. Did the factory...
  6. 70lt1z28

    1970-71 console ash tray surround

    Looking for the ash tray extension on the back of the center console top piece. Just the top is all I need. Mine has a small crack right in the middle of the top. The whole extension would be OK, but hopefully someone has one where the sides are cracked but has a good top. No cracks or...
  7. R

    Looking B&M Quicksilver console shifter

    HI, I was looking to see if anyone has a used B&M Quicksilver console shifter forsale?
  8. maguyvr

    1970 Camaro console ashtray door springs

    Does anyone have a picture of the console ashtray door springs installed? There is one picture floating around that I believe originated from this site, but it's not helping me figure this thing out. I feel like it should be simple and I'm an idiot. There is one hole (per side) in the lid arm...
  9. combs72SS

    WTB- 72 Center Console change pocket- Passenger side

    Looking for the console change pocket for a 72. Passenger side.

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