1. giggity

    1970 Camaro Stock Radio mount and Antenna

    Does anyone have a picture of how the stock radio mounts to framework in dash? I looked in the assembly manual and couldnt find it, I wish that things was indexed properly, pretty sure its in there, just not flipping through pages properly. Also the Antenna wire to windshield, can I buy that...
  2. J

    79 Camaro dash removal !!

    Hello everyone, I am new here and hoping to find some info on how how to remove my dash from a 79 T top. I need to replace several things such as the heater core, reseal all the air ducts, replace the air conditioning piece that sticks out of the firewall (cant think right now). I put this...
  3. C

    Dash Assy

    Does any one know if a dash from a 1978 will fit a 1979 with out modifications? I really love the wrap around look of the 78.
  4. D

    Dash fuse, 79 firebird non T/A cluster.

    The title pretty much says it all, im having a pretty terrible time with my dash light fuse and had hoped to do some more night cruising. Im currently saving for a dakota digital one and hope to have it soon. I also have the idiot lights just taken out of their sockets but never put the plugs...
  5. D

    Electrical gremlins, 79 Firebird Esprit

    I'm having a time with my 79 firebird on the electrical system. I've tried finding others with the same problem as mine but turned up nothing. I lost my dash lights and taillights but my headlights work (all 4 of them) I've replaced the switch and the dash fuse. Am I using a wrong fuse? Is this...
  6. Michael-71SS

    71 New Gauge Cluster Issues - Grounding?

    I found a few similar issues throughout the forum, but don't think I found one that touched my exact issue. After recovering my seats but before reinstalling them, I decided that it was high time to replace the entire dash in my 71 SS. As it normal for these, about every tab was busted on...
  7. M

    Dash, lower vents

    Is anyone familiar with the lower dash vents on A/C cars? Mine is a '70 and has the valves to close off the vents. Does anyone know if the shut off valves were an option on all years or if this was only available on certain years or models? I am going to be looking into getting nicer vents, but...
  8. T

    78 Camaro Custom Dash

    I'm planning on measuring the dimensions of the dash in the camaro, then heading to the local junkyard to see if I can find a modern dash to fit in it. Anyone done something like this? It would be nice to know ahead of time if there is already one that fits.
  9. M

    Lap vents

    Can anyone tell me about the lower dash lap vents, particularly a 1970. What cars had them and what years are the same. They were missing in my car but I would like to find some and put them in when it goes back together. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  10. B

    73RS Z28 Temp Gauge

    Hello, sure this has been asked previously. I am in Australia, looking for a good number for a temp sender that will make my gauge read accurately. I have tried a couple from local auto shop, but gauge reads hot, moves does all the right things. I check the water temp with the IR gun, i can find...
  11. Camaroz28722

    painless or american autowire??

    hey my camaro (1972) needs new wiring kit has anyone used painless direct fit harness? I think i want go with them or american autowire direct fit whats the differences form them im looking for a nice direct fit and the only aftermarket stuff on my car will be dash gauges and eclectic fans
  12. B

    Under dash wiring connectors issues

    Has anyone documented (other than diagrams) the pictures of the interior electrical connectors? I have a very had time reading and trying to follow electrical diagrams is almost impossible. My sons and I have been restoring a 1974 camaro that was the same car I drove in high school...
  13. Autorestomod

    Question regarding lower dash chrome.

    Sorry if this has been asked a squillion times, I am on my mobile phone and for some reason, the search feature is not displaying. Anyway. We are working on an episode showing how to assemble and install a 1970 NPD dash pad and lower trim. Our glovebox was in need of replacement as was the a/c...
  14. 2ndGenKen

    1971 gauge cluster wiring schematic

    Anyone know where I can find a gauge cluster schematic for 1971? The closest I can find here is for 1973 but without confirmation that it's the same I may end up chasing my tail for awhile. Installing a set of AutoMeter Sport Comp II's with GPS speedo from Classic Dash so any tips about their...
  15. Blk+Orange79Z28

    Dakota Digital HDX

    Does anyone have the Dakota Digital HDX gauges? If so, how do they work? do you like them? how long did the install take? Looking to replace my factory gauges with these when i swap in the new engine.
  16. gijosh34

    WTB 1970 -78 complete Dash

    Looking to buy a complete dash for a 1970-1978. Changing my 79 z dash out. Please let me know what you have. Want it in good shape but color isn't import will re die to match my interior. Located in Missouri.
  17. dash


    this is under the steering column, immediately under the ash tray (removed). there is a broken piece that connects to the gauge assembly. what is that part called?
  18. Interior Carmine

    Interior Carmine

    Interior view carmine red