1. D

    Electrical gremlins, 79 Firebird Esprit

    I'm having a time with my 79 firebird on the electrical system. I've tried finding others with the same problem as mine but turned up nothing. I lost my dash lights and taillights but my headlights work (all 4 of them) I've replaced the switch and the dash fuse. Am I using a wrong fuse? Is this...
  2. Camaroz28722

    painless or american autowire??

    hey my camaro (1972) needs new wiring kit has anyone used painless direct fit harness? I think i want go with them or american autowire direct fit whats the differences form them im looking for a nice direct fit and the only aftermarket stuff on my car will be dash gauges and eclectic fans
  3. Primus

    Turn signal ON in front, not working in Back

    Hey Guys, just got a small new problem. I Cleaned and restored all lights back and front. So far so good. I just put everything together and tried to Blink. It worked perfectly on passengerside but driverside is strange. The front is always on when I set the signal, back is off. That goes for...
  4. Nate71

    Gas gauge only functions when headlights turned on

    I replaced my gas gauge and for some reason, it only gives a reading when the headlights are turned on. My guess is I have to retrace the wiring to see what is up since I am fairly certain its wired the exact same as the one that came out. I was curious if anyone else experienced this issue.
  5. N

    Blower Motor killing my Battery

    Hey Guys, I have a 79 Z28 with a/c. The battery kept going dead, so with a test light connected between the positive side of the battery and the positive battery cable I started pulling fuses. ( Key Off). When I pulled the Heater fuse light went out. Dead battery fixed. But now I have no heat...