1. D

    1981 Camaro No Brake or Taillights

    Hey guys! Just bought this car and working through the kinks to be roadworthy. My current issue is my brake lights. I have no brake lights, no power to the plugs. I have no tail lights with the headlights on either. I do have turn signals and headlights. I checked the brake pedal switch and it...
  2. Wyoming32

    Starting Issue, fusible link??

    Grew up wanting a 79 Camaro like my dad had in high school, finally was able to get my hands on a 79 Berlinetta, completely stock and original. I bought it, drove it 9 hours home, and put 3000 miles on it. Several hour long drives, dirt roads, never let me down. Until my latest trip in it...
  3. B

    What is this?

    What part is this? Do I absolutely NEED it for the car to run? What Does it do? 81 Camaro, this harness sits right on the inside of the passenger side fender. I can't find what it is online. NON z28 CAR BUT HAS A 350 AND A TH350. Thanks!! https://imgur.com/a/212lONY
  4. A

    First Post: Need help wiring VDO Electrical Gauges (79 Firebird)

    Hey everybody, first time posting here so apologies if I'm in the wrong place. I have a 79 Firebird with a 283 Chevy that I'm looking to install some aftermarket VDO style gauges into. I'm replacing my factory dummy light senders with proper gauge sensors (single post temp and dual post...
  5. M

    Brake light and turn sig not working

    I have a 79 z28 with a odd issue and need help. My brake lights work when my headlight switch is off, however when my headlight switch is on, my brake lights no longer work. Ground is good, fuses are good. Also my turn signals work in the front but don’t work it the rear wether the headlight...
  6. giggity

    How to proceed question

    Ive been struggling with ideas and suggestions about how to go forward. Its time I clean up my rats nest of wiring. I looked at the American Autowire upgraded wire set. A bit pricey, but problem is that my current wiring is in decent shape. I dont really feel the need to change it, and...
  7. ChevyPete

    gen light on when car is off

    hey guys haven't been on here in a super long time but my 76 is having an issue it just started tonight I took my lady to the pizza shop about a mile down the road then go tear the town when we arrived the gen light stayed on.. it has never done this before the only thing electrically relevant...
  8. giggity

    looking for recommendations on wiring aftermarket

    been searching forum for ideas and examples, maybe someone can point me to a good setup. I want to clean up my engine bay and wiring in general, I will use factory wiring harness for lights, interior stuff, but everything else I want to run through a fused junction/distribution block. I want...
  9. Reginald

    Won't Start/Turn Over

    Hello, I'm having trouble with my camaro I bought from some guy a good while back. The key is stuck inside the ignition cylinder and the car will not turn on or make a noise when I turn the key, I have taken off the steering wheel and could change the ignition cylinder but the same problem would...
  10. Z

    2 terminal blower motor?

    See attached photo Car is a 78 with factory A/C. Replacing my blower motor while the car is apart. Any new blower motors I have found online only have one terminal, whereas mine has two. Had anyone else run into this? I’m assuming the tan wire is power and the black one is ground. Maybe I...
  11. D

    Wire needed that is only powered when in run

    Hi, So recently I got a really nice touch screen radio for my 79 Camaro Z28. After looking in the instruction manual it says it needs three wires to hook up to. 1.A constant power (found) 2.A ground (found) 3.A power that is only on at ACC (trouble finding). The original plug for the original...
  12. M

    Electrical help!

    Plugged in the light bulb for the glove box in my 1980 Z28, and saw a spark. All inside lights went off and now my car no electrical power. Checked all the fuses under the steering wheel, but nothing is blown. Suspect that it is another fuse somewhere, but I cannot figure it out. Any help with...
  13. J

    Blinker problems

    Hey, my 1981 sport coupe with all 1980 wiring harnesses is giving me troubles. (I’ve swapped a 305 that doesn’t need ECM and removed the ECM itself) so the problem is as such, my hazards work perfectly fine, no problems (even the markers flash) but neither right nor left blinkers work, I’ve...
  14. B

    73RS Z28 Temp Gauge

    Hello, sure this has been asked previously. I am in Australia, looking for a good number for a temp sender that will make my gauge read accurately. I have tried a couple from local auto shop, but gauge reads hot, moves does all the right things. I check the water temp with the IR gun, i can find...
  15. B

    Under dash wiring connectors issues

    Has anyone documented (other than diagrams) the pictures of the interior electrical connectors? I have a very had time reading and trying to follow electrical diagrams is almost impossible. My sons and I have been restoring a 1974 camaro that was the same car I drove in high school...
  16. T

    72 horn not working

    Relay clicks when I press the button but no noise at all from either horn. Any ideas for what to check next?
  17. K

    Tachometer '81 Z trouble

    I have a '81 Z with a troubled tach. When I turn the ignition switch on (without cranking) the tach goes to 500 rpm. As I watch it, the needle creeps up to about 1200 rpm and seems to stop there. When I crank the engine, the tach needle pops clockwise to the 6 o'clock position. I checked...
  18. 80CamaroMod

    Electronic speedometer sensor

    Hello all, I ordered new gauges awhile back and am looking to convert my speedometer to electronic. I have a universal speed sensor but I was wondering if any of you have experience on a good way/place to install this on a 4 speed? I'm not sure if it is a muncie or signaw off-hand and the car...
  19. PFZ28

    78 Camaro Fuse Block Troubles

    Hi all, I've run into some electrical trouble with my 78 Z, hoping you can help me. At the fuse block, I get no power at the IGN. (Ignition) port, and power all the time at the ACC. (Accessory) port, no matter what position the key is in. The BAT. port seems to operate correctly, with power when...
  20. Bowtie Performance

    Brown Exciter wire on voltage regulator

    So I'm finally starting to get to the bottom of my alternator not charging the battery. I purchased a new alternator with an internal regulator. I then made the connections to remove the voltage regulator (blue to brown and yellow to orange). Still the alternator was not charging the battery...