1. Z

    1973 Z28 engine stop solenoid wiring

    I'm trying to diagnose why my engine stop solenoid isn't getting 12V power when the engine is running. My car does not have the TCS relay and I've jumped the solenoid with 12V and it works. I've traced the tan wire to the back of engine but it goes into another wire loom that I can't access...
  2. Fume

    383 Stroker Recommendations

    Hey all, Finally going to turn my SBC 350 into a 383 Stroker, I've been researching it for a while but still not sure about the combinations. It is going to be a Street/Strip Build, looking for a cam and head combination that would be comfortable to cruise in and be killer in the strip. Not...
  3. JOEY72camaro

    Engine decoded? 327? or 350?

    Hey is there a way to tell if an engine is a 327 or 350? engine code 3970010 when I look it up comes back as 327 or 350 is there any way to tell if its a 327 or 350?
  4. JOEY72camaro

    Engine Sitting Crooked??

    Hey I have 72 camaro I bought the clam shells for it but it sits high on the drivers side had to drill new holes in the subframe to get the drivers side clam shell to work but the other side worked fine. Old owner said the engine came out of a truck does that mean my engine mounts are wrong for...
  5. J

    Weird rev

    Hello, I was at the car the other day and started it up and revved it a few times because why not. When just pumping the gas quick, the engine seemed to skip a beat and stop for a second. Is this anything to be worried about? It doesn’t do it when I smooth into the rev a little better, this only...
  6. Peck

    New engine

    So I have finally gotten my engine back from the builder. I have only two questions, what does everyone think of the combo? Who is coming over and helping me shove it in the car (beer will be provided by me lol)? CuIn: 421 Rod length: 5.7” Compression: 10.5:1 Intake: Rpm air gap Headers: 1...
  7. Z

    New engine mounts, bolts loose?

    Kind of a strange and very specific question. Im at the stage of my restoration where I’m putting the small block back in. I’ve got new replacement clamshell style engine mounts on the frame. The long bolts are 7/16”, and they fit very loosely in the holes of the rubber isolator part of the new...
  8. B

    Block i.d. help

    I have this block laying around and looking to positively i.d. it. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Fume

    Engine Swap

    I got a 350 in my '73 Z28 (obviously) I want to swap an engine. I was thinking about a LS376/525, but after talking with some friends I think I might place a zz572/720R. I like the LS engine because of how simple it is to swap one due to the guides online. I want something that is fast af...
  10. 7.62fmj

    454 Big Block Parts, NE FL

    Located in 32221, pickup or buyer pays shipping. Upload pics when I get a chance, until then here's the fb market listing https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/165567578120997/ 454 parts will sell separate or all for $800 obo. Was going to build a 496, but decided to go with a Dart block so...
  11. SecretFBIGuy

    How to build a fuel efficient 250-300HP 350?

    Howdy, im going to be modding my 80Z with a 350 small block for some more power while trying to make it more fuel efficient. can i get around 250-300HP with vortec heads, headers and an exhaust? the smog heads ruin the performance and fuel economy of old small blocks quite a bit right? How...
  12. delocamaro64

    454 swap?

    Hey guys! So this summer I blew up the 350 that was in my 79 Z. I'm trying to figure out how to go about getting her back on the road by spring. Was thinking I would have the 350 rebuilt, but the engine shop offered to sell me a 454 that they have for the same as they would charge to do a...
  13. 7

    Quick easy performance

    what are the fastest, easiest, cheapest ways to gain power from my 350? I want it to have some more juice so I can rip around town a little harder
  14. 79_maro

    Replacing '79 Camaro Engine (HELP)

    Ok, to start, I have a 1979 camaro. I'm not really sure the specific kind it is, except it's definitely not a z28. It's a 305 5.0L V8, with a 4 barrel carburetor. It's also an automatic. It has some aftermarket upgrades but majority of the car is stock, except for some visual and other things we...
  15. Blk+Orange79Z28

    1979 Z28 350 Engine Minnesota

    Hey everyone, swapping out my original 350 in the car for a new engine. It has brand new front accessories (power steering, water pump, alt, new fuel pump, belts)new valve covers and air cleaner, freshly rebuilt carb, all new spark plus, wired and distributor cap and coil, runs just fine...
  16. T

    Old engine block

    I went to the scrap yard and saw a old gm v8 motor block it was in great shape so i bought it for $5 and took it home and now im trying to find out what it is and was it worth my time to even buy one of my friends say its a 350 and its basically a common motor But something is telling me to dig...
  17. Americanmuscle13

    Do I have enough cylinder head?

    I'm currently deployed overseas, so I've been passing the time by planning my next build. While my 388 has done well over the years, it's getting to the point where it needs to be replaced. I've been looking at stepping up to a big inch SBC, since I have a lot of good parts that will swap...
  18. S

    What Is my motor?

    Hey everyone this is my first post,I have a 1977 sport coupe,when I looked at the casting numbers on the block I noticed that the "GM"mark is upside down in relation to the numbers,I have never seen a block like this,from what I have researched the block seems to be a 1970s 350 because the code...
  19. D

    New injectors! Ideas

    I am just thinking about working a group buy for Injector dynamics injectors and if anyone is interested just let me know. Im thinking of getting bigger injectors for my build but maybe a group buy can help us all.
  20. F

    7 Poorly Engineered Engines (Pontiac included)

    I was not aware of some of these racing engines but I found the inclusion of the Pontiac turbo engine interesting. Considering the technology limitations of the time I do not think the 301 turbo was that bad. What do you think of the list? Does anyone have a running and stock 301 turbo? Here...