1. 1981Camaroz28Bayarea

    1981 Camaro Z28 | Headers for 5.7L 350 that requires no mods to fit?

    1981 Camaro Z28 | Headers for 5.7L 350 that requires no mods to fit? I’ve seen control arm shavings and bashing in headers to fit. I’d like a simple bot on. Anyone had good luck with a long tube header system that doesnt break the bank?
  2. cannon11495

    350 Headers and Exhaust Suggestions

    Hello everyone i have a 77 Camaro LT with a 350. It still has the manifolds on it and no exhaust. Im looking to put a good set of headers and exhaust on it. I dont want it muffled down a whole lot love the sound of the horses running! Its a street set up I don't really plan on racing it. Thought...
  3. F

    SMOG HELP! 1978 Camaro 350 TH350 transmission

    Hey everyone, new here to these forums. I have a 1978 Camaro with a SBC 350 rebuilt but basically stock, 4-barrel carburetor, TH350 transmission, and no exhaust besides stock GM exhuast manifolds. I live in California so smog here is super strict, I don't want to ditch my car or sell it for a...
  4. M

    Z28 Decals+ Side Exhaust Pipes

    Hi Guys! I had a question because i was wanting to put like side exhaust pipes on my 79, but I do not know if its a smart moves due to the Z28 door decals would be so close, and im wondering if tll ruin my decals after they got hot Thanks
  5. JOEY72camaro

    Exhaust Cutouts?

    Does anyone make exhaust cutouts that can open up how much you want or they all just open or closed cant seem to find any brand that lets you open it how much you want its all open or closed only no in between
  6. Maxymilian

    Vortec Header Questions

    I have a stroked motor with a set of 10239906 heads. I need new headers for it and do not know if they fall under the LS head or Regular 350 head section. If someone could please clarify I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!
  7. Maxymilian

    Using Corevette Sidemounts On a Camaro

    So ive been reading all over the nastzy28 forums and other forums and also comparing pictures this past weekend; i found out two things. There are no production 2g camaro sidepipes anymore from hooker or anywhere else, with the exception of some little start ups or 70s vintage headers. And...
  8. 10secGen2

    70-81 2nd gen full custom exhaust

    Dougs headers 1 7/8 inch with 4 inch collector. No cracks and flange is dead straight. Pypes 2 1/2 inch x-pipe to stainless steel flowmaster 40’s. Nice deep tone. Exits over the rear end then out to back if bumper. Tailpipes have chrome round tips on the end. Also welded in before the x-pipe are...
  9. ChevyLVR

    Buyer Beware Jegs Stainless headers # 300150

    Good Morning Everyone. I am just getting up and recovering from a nightmarish yesterday so I thought I would share. First the backstory, sorry but trust me it's worth a read. I had purchased a set of new jegs headers new in the Box from someone on the group for my z28. They were sold to them...
  10. KMcHale

    Headers and exhaust

    Looking for advice on what to put on my 305 block. Do i buy headers and mufflers and have a local shop make the pipes or do I buy a complete system? Have classic tags so emissions are not an issue.
  11. F

    Exhaust issues

    How goes it Camaro community, thought id throw my question out here: my exhaust has a white-ish color to it, it floods my driveway the longer i leave it running and i need suggestions. Some people have told me the carb needs tuning others say head gasket, i go to a tech school and i have a lift...
  12. R

    Electric Cutout Location Help

    Hi guys, I have tried to research what other members have done for this but not coming up with any relevant info. So I will be routing my new 3inch exhaust soon and want to incorporate my QTP electric cutouts (also 3 inch)... my ride does sit pretty low so I need to tuck the cutouts up as high...
  13. 79_maro

    Loudest/Best Muffler?

    So theres been a rattling in my muffler for a while now, and we've just decided to replace it as we'd have to take the muffler off to fix the problem anyways. Besides that, I'm having trouble deciding what muffler to go with. I have flowmasters on right now, and they sound pretty nice. I really...
  14. 1bad69z28

    Factory 81 Z28 Exhaust

    Does anyone know the layout of a factory 350ci Z28 Exhaust. Should it be a Y-pipe off of the manifolds into a single Cat, then to another Y-pipe at exit to dual mufflers, out to dual tailpipes? Or is it true dual exhaust with 2 Cats, to 2 mufflers, out to the dual tailpipes. The diagrams on the...
  15. Heybonezee

    OEM fit headers for second gen with V8?

    Hey All, I have a 1980 RS with a small block. A bunch of years back I had a cat back system installed using my stock exhaust manifolds. I am wondering if anyone knows of a direct replacement header that would allow me to use the existing exhaust system without welding/modifying the exhaust...

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