1. A

    First Post: Need help wiring VDO Electrical Gauges (79 Firebird)

    Hey everybody, first time posting here so apologies if I'm in the wrong place. I have a 79 Firebird with a 283 Chevy that I'm looking to install some aftermarket VDO style gauges into. I'm replacing my factory dummy light senders with proper gauge sensors (single post temp and dual post...
  2. Michael-71SS

    71 New Gauge Cluster Issues - Grounding?

    I found a few similar issues throughout the forum, but don't think I found one that touched my exact issue. After recovering my seats but before reinstalling them, I decided that it was high time to replace the entire dash in my 71 SS. As it normal for these, about every tab was busted on...
  3. Camaroz28722

    painless or american autowire??

    hey my camaro (1972) needs new wiring kit has anyone used painless direct fit harness? I think i want go with them or american autowire direct fit whats the differences form them im looking for a nice direct fit and the only aftermarket stuff on my car will be dash gauges and eclectic fans
  4. T

    1971 camaro fuel guage inaccurate

    So I replaced my gauge cluster from lights to real gauges. I thought I did everything correctly. I went from the large fuel gauge to the smaller original one and now my gauge seems inaccurate. Filled my tank and it reads past full. Not sure where the problem may be. Thanks for any info!
  5. 80CamaroMod

    Electronic speedometer sensor

    Hello all, I ordered new gauges awhile back and am looking to convert my speedometer to electronic. I have a universal speed sensor but I was wondering if any of you have experience on a good way/place to install this on a 4 speed? I'm not sure if it is a muncie or signaw off-hand and the car...
  6. 2ndGenKen

    1971 gauge cluster wiring schematic

    Anyone know where I can find a gauge cluster schematic for 1971? The closest I can find here is for 1973 but without confirmation that it's the same I may end up chasing my tail for awhile. Installing a set of AutoMeter Sport Comp II's with GPS speedo from Classic Dash so any tips about their...
  7. Blk+Orange79Z28

    Dakota Digital HDX

    Does anyone have the Dakota Digital HDX gauges? If so, how do they work? do you like them? how long did the install take? Looking to replace my factory gauges with these when i swap in the new engine.
  8. Austin Frazier

    New gauges for my 81 z28

    Hello, first time posting on the site, i've got a 81 z28 and im in desperate need of new gauges. I do not want digital as they are too expensive and way beyond me as far as installation goes. I am stuck between buying a used gauge cluster off of ebay for like $200 or going for autometer z series...

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