1. 1981Camaroz28Bayarea

    1981 Camaro Z28 | Headers for 5.7L 350 that requires no mods to fit?

    1981 Camaro Z28 | Headers for 5.7L 350 that requires no mods to fit? I’ve seen control arm shavings and bashing in headers to fit. I’d like a simple bot on. Anyone had good luck with a long tube header system that doesnt break the bank?
  2. Microd


    Where can I find a set of short to mid length headers that will fit a 1971 camaro with a standard transmission? I have lowered the car and the long tube headers are 3" off the ground. Too close. If possible would like to keep a tubed header style on the car. Where the clutch peddle shaft comes...
  3. cannon11495

    350 Headers and Exhaust Suggestions

    Hello everyone i have a 77 Camaro LT with a 350. It still has the manifolds on it and no exhaust. Im looking to put a good set of headers and exhaust on it. I dont want it muffled down a whole lot love the sound of the horses running! Its a street set up I don't really plan on racing it. Thought...
  4. RickySS

    Which Headers for SBC Camaro 72

    Hi! Someone can suggest me best headers for my Camaro 72. Block is 434pc with AFR 235 aluminium Head. I need the size arround 1 3/4'' or 1 7/8'' Thx! Rick.
  5. C

    1980 z28 80% completely restored

    7,000 nice z28 clean tx tittle headers, cam , TCI transmission, new paint as of February 2020 runs great fast and loud hate to see her go only thing she needs is both driver and passenger windows and door panels other then that get in an go also no rust garage keep
  6. C

    1980 z28 80% completely restored

  7. Maxymilian

    Vortec Header Questions

    I have a stroked motor with a set of 10239906 heads. I need new headers for it and do not know if they fall under the LS head or Regular 350 head section. If someone could please clarify I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!
  8. DBinSD

    SBC 1-⅞" Sq Port headers W/ straight plugs HELP !

    Hi all, newbie to the forums and Nasty Z28 but, glad I found it! I have a motor for my 71 Camaro that needs headers with 1-⅞ square ports w/ straight plugs. I am having a hard time finding headers to fit the car. Any help is much appreciated. thank you
  9. 7

    What headers for 78 camaro

    hi all, I’m replacing the engine in my 78 camaro. My new engine is in (350) and I’m trying to put headers on. Looking for suggestions of which style/brand is best. It’s an automatic, no A/C Any suggestions or comments are appreciated!
  10. N

    Hooker Super Comp Headers PN 2117 SBC 70-81 Camaro; 75-79 Nova

    1 3/4 primary, 3"collector w/flange. Excellent condition. Was on Drag race car, never on the street. Stored in heated basement. $275
  11. 10secGen2

    70-81 2nd gen full custom exhaust

    Dougs headers 1 7/8 inch with 4 inch collector. No cracks and flange is dead straight. Pypes 2 1/2 inch x-pipe to stainless steel flowmaster 40’s. Nice deep tone. Exits over the rear end then out to back if bumper. Tailpipes have chrome round tips on the end. Also welded in before the x-pipe are...
  12. ChevyLVR

    Buyer Beware Jegs Stainless headers # 300150

    Good Morning Everyone. I am just getting up and recovering from a nightmarish yesterday so I thought I would share. First the backstory, sorry but trust me it's worth a read. I had purchased a set of new jegs headers new in the Box from someone on the group for my z28. They were sold to them...
  13. A

    Need help with TR6060 in 71

    Hey guys, So I recently purchased a pullout LS3 with a tr6060 manual trans from a 2010 Camaro that I have been trying to collect all the parts for before I start the process of attempting to install it. Now I purchased my motor mounts along with the transmission mounts from BRP hotrods...
  14. R

    Electric Cutout Location Help

    Hi guys, I have tried to research what other members have done for this but not coming up with any relevant info. So I will be routing my new 3inch exhaust soon and want to incorporate my QTP electric cutouts (also 3 inch)... my ride does sit pretty low so I need to tuck the cutouts up as high...
  15. Heybonezee

    OEM fit headers for second gen with V8?

    Hey All, I have a 1980 RS with a small block. A bunch of years back I had a cat back system installed using my stock exhaust manifolds. I am wondering if anyone knows of a direct replacement header that would allow me to use the existing exhaust system without welding/modifying the exhaust...

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