1. JOEY72camaro

    floor to seat bolts?

    I cant seem to find floor to seat bolts anywhere. The bolts that go into the seat tracks and into the floors
  2. B

    Th350 Shift linkage issues

    Hi first time poster here. I have a ‘70 z28 with a th350 and an original horseshoe shifter but I suddenly started having some issues. The shifter was always either stuck between gears (it would click into place thinking it was in parking, but would actually be in neutral) and etc. I took...
  3. A

    First Post: Need help wiring VDO Electrical Gauges (79 Firebird)

    Hey everybody, first time posting here so apologies if I'm in the wrong place. I have a 79 Firebird with a 283 Chevy that I'm looking to install some aftermarket VDO style gauges into. I'm replacing my factory dummy light senders with proper gauge sensors (single post temp and dual post...
  4. ChevyPete

    Can not get Brake Pressure

    Let me just start off by saying I ordered a vacuum gauge and its on its way. So i have a 76 350 4 barrel holly that came with an aftermarket intake other than that the motor is a mystery with discs in front drums in rear that I daily spring, summer, and fall and the brakes went out on it turns...
  5. JOEY72camaro

    found this in heater box help identify??

    found this in my heater box anyone know what it goes to. If I had to guess it must of fell in from dash vent? But if anyone knows let me know thanks
  6. Fume

    1973 Camaro Z28 Acceleration problems.

    Hello Everyone, I have a 1973 Camaro Z28 RS LT with a M21 close ratio. When accelerating or even when driving (mostly accelerating) There is a lack of power between 2500-3500rpm. The car all of a sudden had problems accelerating. It feels like you are driving on a flat tire.(Tires are new and...
  7. M

    Z28 Decals+ Side Exhaust Pipes

    Hi Guys! I had a question because i was wanting to put like side exhaust pipes on my 79, but I do not know if its a smart moves due to the Z28 door decals would be so close, and im wondering if tll ruin my decals after they got hot Thanks
  8. SadZ28

    1978 Z28 crazy backfires through carb

    So, just bought my first project car and the engine starts just fine and idles just fine. But once you start giving it some gas it backfires every several seconds or so through the carb. Also, if you tap the throttle gently, it tries to kill the engine. Both things are suspicious to say the...
  9. F

    door handle linkage

    does anybody have a pic of the interior door handle linkage. had a new door skin put on but i do not think they got the linkage right. handle has to all the up to engage? thanks in advance. i will be ordering a body manual now.
  10. J

    Tire rub

    I have experienced that, while moving at full lock, the tires rub the inner fender well by the door with the outside edge of the tire. It’s a 1981 camaro with a 1 inch lowering spring in the front. P255/60R15 cooper cobra radial GT front and rear. The rubbing needs to stop. should I get thinner...
  11. Maxymilian

    Forced Induction Guidance

    I am looking to build a forced induction engine to put into my 1980 Z28 (haven't decided whether to go turbo or supercharger yet). I have done a decent bit of research, but am hoping to get some first hand knowledge from some of the experienced posters here. Any knowledge about how to build a...
  12. Maxymilian

    Truck Differential Swap

    My Z28 still has its stock 10 bolt with 3.42 diff gears (unaware if its open or locking), but was looking for a little more grunt. I however don't have the several hundred dollars to do a proper brand new gear swap with a new posi, so it leads me to look towards junkyard heavy duty trucks. Has...
  13. BumbleBee70SS

    Fuel Sender?

    My fuel gauge isnt working right, it reads way off to the right away from the markings on the dial and really never moves, it just rises to that point after the car has been started and stays pointing towards the passenger side. Is my fuel sender to blame or is it the gauge itself? Worth...
  14. BumbleBee70SS

    New and Could Use Some Help...

    Hi everyone! Me and my family have a 70 SS we have owned since new, I restored it back in 09 and I'm still continuing to fix small things around the car. Thought it was finally time I joined a Camaro forum and NastyZ28 came to mind immediately. Really look forward to working with the community...
  15. Fume

    Correct Badging 1973 Camaro Z28 RS Type LT

    I have a 1973 Z28 RS LT (title). Since I got the car I noticed inconsistencies with the bashing with other 1970-73 cars. Could someone please let me know what the correct Badging for my camaro? PS images linked below. :) (This is a true Z28 LT and Rally Sport) Edit: I know that the Z27 aka SS...
  16. cjanes81camaro

    81 camaro seats

    Good Day! I am hoping that someone could help me with my seats. I want to re-install my front seats and I am having trouble with the back rests. I removed them a few years ago, and I am not sure what I need. Some kind of lock washer? I probably still have them and put them away in a spot that I...
  17. J

    Clutch Master Cylinder T56

    Hi all! I have been reading through countless forums in regards to what master cylinder to use with my 1970 camaro. I am installing an LS1/T56 setup. I have seen numerous complaints and compliments about many setups. I was hoping to use this forum for people to list what hydraulic MC they are...
  18. SecretFBIGuy

    Transmission swap for 1980 Z28

    Howdy, I was wondering how hard it would be to swap in a manual transmission into a 80 Z28 that has a th350. I was thinking about going with a t56 but 2000-400$ is out of the question for a car that is going to be used only once I'm awhile, I was also thinking a rock cruncher would be a good...
  19. J

    Blinker problems

    Hey, my 1981 sport coupe with all 1980 wiring harnesses is giving me troubles. (I’ve swapped a 305 that doesn’t need ECM and removed the ECM itself) so the problem is as such, my hazards work perfectly fine, no problems (even the markers flash) but neither right nor left blinkers work, I’ve...
  20. '71StreetZ

    Burning Oil at High RPM’s

    Hello all, I’ve come to you for some advice I plan on pulling the 327 out of my car over the winter/spring and freshening it up with some new gaskets and a camshaft but I’ve noticed that after a high rpm pull the engine will puff blueish/grey smoke for about 2-3 seconds. If I just cruise around...