1. SecretFBIGuy

    Transmission swap for 1980 Z28

    Howdy, I was wondering how hard it would be to swap in a manual transmission into a 80 Z28 that has a th350. I was thinking about going with a t56 but 2000-400$ is out of the question for a car that is going to be used only once I'm awhile, I was also thinking a rock cruncher would be a good...
  2. J

    Blinker problems

    Hey, my 1981 sport coupe with all 1980 wiring harnesses is giving me troubles. (I’ve swapped a 305 that doesn’t need ECM and removed the ECM itself) so the problem is as such, my hazards work perfectly fine, no problems (even the markers flash) but neither right nor left blinkers work, I’ve...
  3. '71StreetZ

    Burning Oil at High RPM’s

    Hello all, I’ve come to you for some advice I plan on pulling the 327 out of my car over the winter/spring and freshening it up with some new gaskets and a camshaft but I’ve noticed that after a high rpm pull the engine will puff blueish/grey smoke for about 2-3 seconds. If I just cruise around...
  4. ChevyPete

    Header panel question

    Hello all I'm new here so forgive me for posting in the wrong area. The pictures you see here are of my 1976 camaro my first car and was wondering the piece that is broken is it repairable? Can I use epoxy or fiberglass resin? If it is repairable can someone walk me through how to fix it where...
  5. '71StreetZ

    HELP!! Rear drum brakes sticking

    Hey all, my rear drums on my 71 are sticking when I use medium to heavy pedal pressure and don’t release until you pop the bleeders open I’ve replaced the wheel cylinders and checked the lines the master is only 6 months old and all the springs are very strong I don’t know what is cause one the...
  6. Dean70Z28

    1970 Z28 Camaro, looking for console gauge pod.

    I have looked everywhere for 1970 Z28 Camaro console gauge pod. 3 extra gauges I would like to add. Last year I became a amputee and having to change 4 Speed to Automatic. Pod needs to look as it was a factory console part not some add-on. Have any of you made one? Thanks for reading my post... Dw
  7. A

    New to body work

    I just bought a 79 camaro and have come to realize that most of the rear quarters are bondo not much metal. I'm planning on replacing both rear quarters and the complete floor pan. My question is, I want to strip this car down and see what other problems in the metal maybe hiding, but I don't...
  8. 79_maro

    1979 Camaro Subwoofer Question

    What’s up guys, So I have good speakers in my 79 maro, but for some reason, I can’t have the bass very high because it makes a sort of rattling sound. I believe that it’s the metal casing that the speakers are in (right below the rear windshield), and was just wondering if anyone knew a fix to...
  9. Scamp1978

    What color for a rough 2nd gen camaro?

    I've been doing body work on my camaro for a few months now, and it's been more like surgery, both rear quarters had to be replaced, parts of the front fenders, floor pans, all of it. After duraglass and Bondo sanding i've realized the car isn't going to be perfect. The car was originally black...
  10. F

    Exhaust issues

    How goes it Camaro community, thought id throw my question out here: my exhaust has a white-ish color to it, it floods my driveway the longer i leave it running and i need suggestions. Some people have told me the carb needs tuning others say head gasket, i go to a tech school and i have a lift...
  11. L

    TH350 vs TH400: I have a couple questions and need help

    I’m still kinda new to the car scene, so my knowledge is pretty limited and I definitely get lost on some of the lingo, so please don’t be upset if I have no clue what you mean about certain things. Backstory: So I’ve had an ‘81 Z for a few years as a project car. It was being built as a drag...
  12. 79_maro

    Squeaky Brakes

    So I've had this problem before, where my brakes would squeal when I pump the brakes and won't stop squealing until I stopped. I fixed it originally by putting disc brake quiet on, and it didn't squeak for a solid few months. I'm having this same problem again, where the brakes squeal loudly as...
  13. 79_maro

    Replacing '79 Camaro Engine (HELP)

    Ok, to start, I have a 1979 camaro. I'm not really sure the specific kind it is, except it's definitely not a z28. It's a 305 5.0L V8, with a 4 barrel carburetor. It's also an automatic. It has some aftermarket upgrades but majority of the car is stock, except for some visual and other things we...
  14. 7.62fmj

    1981 parasitic drain

    So my battery has been discharging (yes, I read the tracing a drain sticky). Yesterday I had a little time to play with the multimeter and got the following readings: 12.35V with ignition off 14.55V idling 14.7-14.9V under throttle 13.9V idling under load (headlights only) 26.9 AC idling 12.9...
  15. D

    Help with 80 camaro

    so awhile back I bought my first car a 80 csmaro with a fresh block and some odds and ends for 300$ and now I'm trying to drop in a different 350 that I pulled from a van so I can race it in 24 hours of lemons and then daily drive it, is there a way to make a minimalist wiring harness that can...
  16. Z

    Cowl to Firewall Patch Panel?

    I'm having problems finding a panel to patch this spot on my 76 Camaro. I'm kinda out of ideas other than fabricating one, but unfortunately I need one for both side. Any ideas or help would be awesome. Not my camaro, just a pic I found as demonstration.