1. C

    Restored Holley Date Code 1B2

    Hello all, I know I havent posted anything before but thought someone would be interested in a restored Holley. I bought it for a 72 Z28 4spd car and sold the car before receiving the carb. The restoration was completed by Chicago Corvette Supply out of Eugene OR. #'s on the tower are as...
  2. COPO

    Inside Holley’s Carb Factory

  3. M

    Holley Sniper EFI - $850

    Like new Holley EFI Sniper system. Comes with handheld controller, wire harness, 0xygen sensor, about 10ft of Earl fuel hose, ignition coil, fuel filter, AN fuel fittings & rubber clamps, aluminum carb spacer/adapter, inline fuel pressure gauge and some other misc fittings. Basically...
  4. S

    70 Holley Carb 3972123 (Manual trans, CA Emissions)

    I'm looking for a 1970 LT1 Holley Carb, with part number 3972123 List 4489 stamped on the horn. This stamping was for a Manual Trans and CA emissions vehicle. Preferably one that has not been restored. If I find one, I will update this post. Thanks, LT1, LT-1 List-4489, List 4489, 3972123
  5. Mrnmrssmith

    New carb options for 70 350 lt-1

    Looking at the new carb for my 70 z, have the original 780 Holley which works fine but believe the lt-1 could benefit with a brand new one.. engine is basically stock specs, auto trans, used 100% on the street. Wanting to stick with 4150 style so my factory air cleaner housing and fuel line will...
  6. David Muro

    Holley main jets mixing

    Hi everybody! My Camaro is equipped with a 305 engine, Edelbrock Performer 2101 intake manifold and Holley 1850s carbs. I put a narrow AF sensor, to adjust the carburetor a little better. Before I even put the sensor in, I knew it was running on excess fuel. Then I changed the main jets, from 66...
  7. M

    1970 z28 vacuum hoses

    Does anyone know the proper vacuum hose routing from the carburetor on a 4 speed 1970 Z28 with 4555 carburetor?
  8. B

    SOLD NEW PICS Brand new Holley Avenger 670 vacuum secondary carb

    Hi, I got this carb on a car I bought and the engine was never started.....it's just a stock 350 so I bought a qjet for it so I'm selling this one....it's a black out edition ghat goes for $615 on ebay....I'll sell it for $350 shipped....electric choke...vacuum secondary.....let me know if your...
  9. A

    Fast Intake or Holley Sniper?

    Thinking between these two different intakes, looks aside I wanted to know what people would recommend and any success you guys may be having with some of these intakes in your own swaps. Which would you recommend? http://www.jegs.com/i/FAST/244/146102B/10002/-1...
  10. UnseenZ28

    Complete Detailed Holley Sniper EFI Installation Video!

    Hey everybody! If you're following my build thread you've probably come across videos that have helped you work on your second gen or gave you an idea of what a job entails. Over the winter me and my buddy finally got around to installing Holley Sniper EFI on my '79 Z28. I figured i'd make a...

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