1. JOEY72camaro

    hood release handle?

    This is how I got my camaro but when I put the front grill back on I wont be able to open the latch I have to be missing a piece or is this is the wrong hood latch for a 1972 camaro?
  2. Z

    Second Gen Stock Hood Clearance

    I have been waiting since December 2021 for an OER 2 3/4" cowl hood to be delivered, and now the arrival date has been pushed back until July without any assurance it will arrive then. I have the stock hood, but my issue is the needed clearance my dominator style intake and current Holley carb...
  3. 1972_Z-27

    Original hood for sale in Tucson - $100

    Factory hood I took off my 1972 RS/SS in 1981 (when I put on a fiberglass L88 hood). The hood has been stored inside for 30+ years. Rear passenger side corner bent in slightly. Should be easy fix. Factory hood spring/latch, wiper fluid squirters, and insulation included. This Original hood...
  4. JOEY72camaro

    camaro stripe kit?

    I plan on getting 1972 z28 stripe stencil kit but I had one question if I have 3inch cowl hood would the stripes still be straight or would they need to be different because of the 3inch cowl hood? they all have flat hoods
  5. mrfleet12

    Hood Hinges

    Hello Need to replace my hood hinges, right one is getting weak at the joints and is bending in... Looking at some on eBay, The Parts Place (10 mins from my house) and other online stores... Is there any difference or a better way to ask that, are there some that are a better quality? My hood is...
  6. R

    79 camaro hood with extra parts

    I want 200 for all if you pay the shipping ill go ship them right now im located in hesperia california
  7. MAV Fam

    Cleaning House - Rear Frame Rails, Subframe, Hood, More

    In the process of cleaning up around here and raising funds to get the 71 back together. Will be posting items as I get info together. Rear frame rails ('76) - Actually have the full rear clip in tact if interested. Truck pan has a couple pin holes but not bad. I'll just say $500 but really...
  8. 7

    WTB Rasied Hood South Jersey

    Anybody in South Jersey have a *bolt on* 70-81 Camaro hood laying around that they'd let go for around $200? Fair condition is fine. I've got clearance issues thanks to my new performer rpm and demon carb. Pro touring style is what I ultimately want: But anything raised will have to do for now.
  9. cybercoaster

    72 RS header panel alignment question

    Looking for some suggestions here. Trying to get a new hood lined up and nothing seemed to be working (hood is perfectly square). Measuring the header panel from exact center, it's 28 3/8" on one side and 27 3/4th on the driver side, This explained the gap and issues. Looking online for new...
  10. cybercoaster

    1972 RS hood hardware and supports

    Just recently purchased a 1972 RS with a crate 350 in it. Car needs a lot of work but runs great and body good and straight. Has a very poor paint job on it so I want to get it repainted asap and then work on the other items slowly. With the current setup, it has a fiberglass lift off hood. I...
  11. H

    2 inch steel cowl induction hood for sale

    I have a bolt on steel 2 inch cowl induction hood for sale - $250. I purchased it new about 5 years ago. It came in a Goodmark box and was sold as a Goodmark hood, but when I looked up the part number in the image it came back as golden legion. No major dents or anything, it does have a few...
  12. CamaroGords 1980 Camaro

    CamaroGords 1980 Camaro

    This is my Berlinetta, mint condition interior, bought it bone stock a few years back
  13. Real RS

    Real RS

    With a hood pin

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