1. J

    Saginaw with Hurst question

    I recently purchased a 1979 RS. Its a 4 speed car with console. I am looking to replace the factory shifter with a Hurst competition shifter in the future. I have a few questions that i am having a hard time finding answers for. Should the linkage be changed at the same time? The fsctory shift...
  2. J

    Wanted: 1977 z28 4-spdshifter

    Not sure if a T/A shifter is exactly the same as Z28. Need knob and console also.
  3. jakethesnake

    Super t10 ITM to Hurst swap

    I have a 1973 camaro that I recently converted from auto th350 to st10 4 speed. The transmission came with an ITM shifter. I believe it is from a 1977 f body. I want to change the shifter to a hurst. Will I be able to use the shift rods and mounting bracket from the ITM shifter, or will I...
  4. B

    Hurst Competition/Plus 4sp Shifter problem

    For a 1980 Z28 with a BW super T-10. Does any one else using a Hurst Competition/Plus Shifter 3918791 have a problem with the shifter hitting the stock 4 speed console. Even after changing the shift levers to get a shorter throw I still had to unbolt the console and move it back an in inch or...
  5. JOEY72camaro

    B&M shifter question

    I want to still use my center console and have a ratchet shifter my question is will this b&m shifter fit in the center console hole? Or do they make one for a 1972 camaro center console? does not have to be b&m does anyone make one A auto ratchet shifter for a stock center console I have TH350...
  6. U

    Muncie 4 Speed with Hurst Shifter

    Selling the Muncie 4 Speed out of my Camaro. Dates to 1967 and has 10 and 27 spline shafts. Transmission always shifted great and never gave me any issues. Has Hurst Shifter kit installed and is included. I will also include the bell housing and clutch components which are all in very good...
  7. kamaro kid

    72 SS Hurst shifter

    Reposting a transmission forum question here since it's resto related. Have a 72 SS396 with Muncie, trying to identify correct shift lever for the GM over-the-counter Hurst shifter, I've seen one with Hurst letters above the bend area and one with letters in the bend area as imaged below...
  8. kamaro kid

    72 SS Hurst shifter question

    Working on 72 SS 396 with Muncie. Looking at GMPD-Hurst round lever shifters (no 3rd & 4th gear stop bolts). I'm finding examples with Hurst letters stamped above the bend area and some with letters in the bend area. Does anybody know which is correct?
  9. Aero79z

    Turbine Wheels and Hurst Competition Plus shifter

    Set of turbine western wheels 15x7 $450 for the set shifter was sold Located in Northeastern PA if anyone is interested in picking anything up
  10. redriderjf87

    Shifter / Knob Thread Adapters

    So, in ordering a new Hurst knob with button to wire in my linelock, I messed up on the thread sizes, my handle is 3/8" - 24 and the knob is 7/16" - 20 pitch. After realizing this, I thought I could get a thread adapter to save myself, but can't seem to find anything in general for thread...

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