1. n2h2o2

    WTB: 1970 Z-28 Intake 3972100

    Title should be 3972110....Must be a very good example. If it has been drilled, modified, repaired or corroded, I am not interested.
  2. F

    SMOG HELP! 1978 Camaro 350 TH350 transmission

    Hey everyone, new here to these forums. I have a 1978 Camaro with a SBC 350 rebuilt but basically stock, 4-barrel carburetor, TH350 transmission, and no exhaust besides stock GM exhuast manifolds. I live in California so smog here is super strict, I don't want to ditch my car or sell it for a...
  3. C

    ZZ4 upgrade help

    I have a 1980 Z28 with a ZZ4 and I’m planning on some upgrades soon. I have Vortec 906 heads ported and polished that I got for a steal. I need helping picking a cam and intake that’ll pair well with the heads and a 750 cfm quick fuel slayer carb.
  4. J

    Single or dual plane intake for 454?

    Hi I have a 454 bored .60 over with port and polished cast heads with a .547 Hydraulic roller cam with a 750 carb and will occasionally be using nitrous, this will be a drag strip engine and I’m wondering if a single or dual plane intake would be best for this build?
  5. D

    1970 Camaro Factory GM Aluminum Intake

    GM #3972110 with "snowflake". The intake looks very good with no visible cracks, damaged threads or bolt holes. In front of thermostat housing someone put a plug in. It could have been for an old style oil fill/breather. It was like that when I purchased it. I planned to assemble a 350 LT1...
  6. D

    1970 Camaro LT1 Aluminum Intake GM 3972110

    GM #3972110 with "snowflake". The intake looks very good with no visible cracks, damaged threads or bolt holes. The front heater hose nipple area was plugged when purchased several years ago. I planned to assemble a 350 LT1 for a project but sold the car. $450 OBO
  7. Bi11

    Camel hump heads, intake, valve covers

    First generation small block Chevy camel hump heads, 1.94 intake-1.5 exhaust, casting number 3782461, removed from mid-60s 327, $75 First generation cast iron four barrel intake, casting number 3866922, removed from same engine, with Rochester carburetor $50 First generation SBC valve covers...
  8. connorbe

    FS: Spectre Intake Plenum

    Spectre Intake Plenum + 2x 4" 90° elbow pipes w/ 7" legs + 2x 6" by 4" Spectre air filters Works on most carburetors with a 5.125" inlet Some scratches as show in the photos, overall good condition. This could be a great start to piping cold air intake to the corners of your engine bay, or you...
  9. Hulk_smash

    Victor jr or performer intake

    I have a victor jr and and performer the victor jr is single plane and the other one is dual but I want more top end but I’m hearing that my low end will be dead with the victor jr it’s going on my sbc 79 z28 camaro so I need to know if I use the victor jr will it give me more top end where the...
  10. A

    Fast Intake or Holley Sniper?

    Thinking between these two different intakes, looks aside I wanted to know what people would recommend and any success you guys may be having with some of these intakes in your own swaps. Which would you recommend?
  11. 383


    flat hydraulic cam, edelbrock air gap intake, holley 750cfm mechanical secondaries, hedman torquer headers, spectre dual cold air intake, msd distributor and coil with mach pulleys and an electric fan...

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